What Is A Leotard?

A leotard is a one piece costume made of skintight material, which covers only the body leaving the legs free.

The normal way to put one on is by entering through the neck region.

The outfit is held in place by the elasticity of the fabric. Tights are generally worn on the legs.

The leotard became famous after being worn by the French acrobatic performer, Jules Leotard, in the 19th century, and after whom it was named.

Although originally worn by professional acrobats, gymnasts and dancers, by the 1950s the leotard became accepted as normal attire for everyday fitness and exercise regimes.

As the 70s approached, more colorful leotards appeared until the  exercise boom of the 80s encouraged the advent of multiple designs and choices of style.

Today, the leotard has taken second place to more casual exercise clothes such as shorts and crop tops. However, it is still very popular with professional dancers and especially with children when exercising.

Madonna has been known to wear a leotard for stage performances to show off her physical perfection.

General Care of Leotards

Leotards can be expensive, particularly if they are designed specially for competition. All need careful washing to keep their shape.

You should always follow the manufacturers’ instructions but, if in doubt, hand washing is safest. Turn the leotard inside out and use only cold water with a mild detergent.

After thorough rinsing, squeeze in a towel to remove any excess water, then dry flat keeping it out of direct sunlight or heat.

Never use bleach, do not tumble dry and do not iron.

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