Why Simple Home Based Exercise Workouts Are The Trend

There has been no let up in peoples’ need to look young and stay fit, just a change of emphasis away from expensive exercise machines and gym memberships.

Simplicity is becoming the new watchword amongst keep fit enthusiasts.

Proven Workouts

Home based exercise workouts combining any of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, power walking, sprints and other tried and tested exercises are proven to provide a complete upper and lower body workout improving muscle mass, strength and stamina.

Monitoring progress via simple core exercises is immediate and easy, for example performing additional push ups, running that extra mile, or improving the time taken to sprint or power walking over a distance.

More Calming Routines

Current thinking has passed over previously popular intense aerobic workouts that could often cause joint problems due to high impact to more calming routines demanding concentration of the mind as well as body.

This holistic approach allows people to improve their ability to perform everyday functions, keep their weight under control, stay fit and not risk looking like over muscled professional body builders.

That the current economic climate has also had its effect on the recent changes to the pattern of exercising is undeniable, but there has been an exception.

Exercise routines via video games are rapidly gaining in popularity with an ever increasing variety of games that can involve the whole family in competitive, enjoyable work out regimes.

Hopefully this new trend for simple home based exercise will help tackle the obesity and other fitness problems that have been growing in this couch potato computer age, particularly amongst the young., for whom exercising is so important.

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Michael Hines March 13, 2011

Hi there!

Great post! I started out working out from home and it soon became an addiction! You are so right, you can get a full upper and lower body workout with simple workouts like push ups and squats!

I am very glad that I came across your blog! This is the exact way to show people that you don’t always have to join a gym in order to start getting into shape! Start right now in your living room!

Thanks for this useful article. I have bookmarked it. Will definitely leave a link in my site.




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