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British Army’s Fourteen Week Free Fitness Course

The British Army has initiated a free fitness course designed to get people fit enough to join up as part time soldiers in only fourteen weeks.

Army’s fourteen week fitness course is based on using everyday objects that can be found in and around the home or office as gym equipment.

Although the idea is to encourage army recruitment, there is no reason why anybody, irrespective of age or sex, cannot take advantage of the course even if the last thing on their minds is to join the armed forces.

The BBC recently televised a short report on the army’s course that can be seen by going this website:

There is a link on the website that will take you to the UK’s Ministry of Defence website or go direct to: where anybody can sign up for the fitness program for free.

Designed by the army’s own highly trained PTIs around the use of desks, chairs and even handbags, the course is a great way of regaining a trim body after the excesses of the Xmas and New Year festivities.

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Bleep Test December 6, 2010 at

Good on the Army for promoting healthy lifestyle changes and getting fit. If only more people actually did something, then there’d be less silly illnesses and hospitals would actually run properly.

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