Discover How To Alleviate Body Pains By Stretching

Most of us suffer from general aches and pains in the body at one time or other.

Following an easy stretching exercise regime can alleviate much of the pain.

Pain is localized in different parts of the body and is usually as a result of :- 


  • Lack of exercise
  • Overdoing exercise
  • Sitting still for too long i.e. working on a computer
  • Sleeping on an unsuitable bed which is either too hard, too soft or too lumpy
  • Having too many pillows
  • Pain following injury such as a slipped disc
  • Pain resulting from stress on the body such as tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, housemaids knee.
  • Poor posture


However, there are some simple  exercises that can help to alleviate body pains by stretching.

Stretching will loosen stiff joints and bring relief from pain. It will benefit your posture and make you more aware of your body.

To gain benefit from the exercises you should perform them regularly. Repetition is often the only way to become free of the pain. Try and fit the exercises into your daily routine.

Always stop the exercise if the pain increases too much. You are the only one who can tell if you are overdoing it, but some pain when stretching into the exercise is to be expected.

The following exercises are for specialized area of the body.



If you suffer from more severe pain you should always consult your medical practitioner before following any of these exercises, they are only intended for general everyday aches and pains brought on by our daily actions.




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