Go Through Fitness Bootcamp And Get A Proper Workout

You might know someone who enlisted in the military and went through bootcamp.

Maybe it was someone who went in a little pudgy and out of shape but came out fit and trim six weeks later.

Wouldn't you like to do that, too, but without enlisting in the military?

Well, there are fitness bootcamp workout programs that can help you get trimmed down and in good shape that are not quite as intensive as the military but more intensive than your average gym workout.


The programs are usually in parks or other outdoor venues. Workouts are held in group sessions, usually with around 15 to 20 men and women.

The fitness instructors who organize the programs are highly qualified and will hold sessions in any kind of weather year round.

There are usually early morning and late afternoon sessions so there is one to suit most people's schedules.

The outdoor workouts tend to be invigorating and the group is based on team efforts that stimulate the group members to put more effort into the workouts and this encourages better results.

Sessions are typically an hour long and consist of a range of exercises that include a number of bodyweight exercises and running.

The goal is to give the entire body a good workout.  All the muscles, including the lungs and the heart, get well worked during bootcamp workouts.

If you have an injury or some health concern, notify the instructor before registering for the bootcamp. The better bootcamps will have modified versions of the exercises for those who need a less intense workout or can't move well in some ways.

All bootcamp sessions begin with a warm-up and end with a cool-down.

It is important not to skip over these as you could end up with an injury or, at the least, sore muscles that could be avoided.

Both the warm-up and the cool-down are about 5 to 10 minutes. All throughout the workout, sip water to keep hydrated. If you feel yourself becoming too tired to continue with an exercise, walk in place but keep moving. If you stop, your muscles are more likely to get stiff and sore and you are more likely to suffer an injury.

A typical bootcamp session will likely include such bodyweight exercises as


  • slow pushups
  • squat-thrusts
  • jumping jacks
  • side lunge with windmill arms
  • walking lunge
  • ski jumps
  • chest squeeze
  • march in place
  • high jogs
  • plank
  • medicine ball crunch


The types of running used in the bootcamp may vary depending on the instructor.


The Benefits of Bootcamp



Because your body is in better condition, your mind will be clearer and more focused, as well. You will also find there is a social benefit as bootcamps work as a team effort. You will very possibly develop good friendships with your bootcamp teammates that will help all of you keep working out together even after the bootcamp sessions are over.

The result will be a healthier body, mind and spirit.



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Go Through Fitness Bootcamp And Get A Proper Workout…

there are fitness bootcamp workout programs that can help you get trimmed down and in good shape that are not quite as intensive as the military but more intensive than your average gym workout….

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