Learn How to Easily Banish Back Pain by Sitting Correctly

banish back painPosture and a healthy diet are the starting points for learning  how to easily banish back pain and those other  joint and muscular inflammations that cause anything from slight discomfort to agonising pain and lack of mobility.

The Root Cause of Back Pain

The cause of back pain lies with the core muscles and hamstrings that are attached above and below the pelvis. Think of the hips as the center of attention for preventing and alleviating back pain. We all spend a good part of our day sitting, whether at a desk on your computer, eating or watching evening TV. This means that the posture you adopt when sitting is an extremely important element in keeping back pain at bay.

Objective – Banish Back Pain

Our objective when sitting is to stretch and position our spine into a ‘J ‘ curvature. By this we mean that we stick out our bottom slightly, keep the back straight with the lumbar muscles flat, think of the way toddlers begin to walk. This is in contradiction to those who advocate tucking in the pelvic girdle to maintain an S shaped spinal curvature. The reasoning behind the advocates of the J shape is that tucking in the pelvic girdle squeezes the internal organs which can put pressure on the spinal nerves and lumbar muscles. Clearly likely to aggravate aches and pains in the back! It is not rocket science to achieve a J shaped posture whether walking, standing or sitting.



Sitting Correctly

To sit correctly you will need a straight backed chair and a rolled up cushion or towel.

  • Sit forward on the chair and place the rolled up towel at waist level and tuck your bottom into the chair back while tilting your chest slightly forward.
  • Take hold either side of the chair seat and push downwards without pushing the rib cage any further forward. This will stretch and lengthen the spine. Pushing the chest any further out will have the opposite effect and  contract the spine.
  • Now lean back and push against the back of the chair. You should be able to feel a small mound of your skin immediately above the rolled up towel or cushion if you have been successful by this stage.
  • Finally to align the shoulders, push one shoulder upwards and outwards but only slightly and relax. Repeat with the other shoulder.

By lengthening and stretching the spine in this way you will benefit from creating room for the internal organs in the pelvis area so pressure is not put on the spinal nerves, a controlled breathing pattern will be established and your circulation will benefit. By sitting correctly you will start to feel the benefits and will banish your back pain.



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