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Have you ever wondered who makes the websites that are at the top of the Google search engines?

Well  I know many people who make those sites and I am one of them.

These sites are the new breed of authority sites. Blogs.

Hot Exercise is a blog.

This means that I can write a post as often as I like and, due to the tools I use,  the search engines will immediately take notice.

Nothing on the internet is static. What was hot 6 months ago is sometimes non existent 6 months later.

So the answer is to keep up with the rapid rate of progress. But HOW can this be done by normal everyday people who are definitely not computer geeks?

To stay at the top and keep earning real money you need the right tools.

I use the right tools to stay at the top. I get these tools from a company called Authority Site Center.

ASC run a membership site for entrepreneurs, people like you and me.

  • They can be men and women looking to earn extra income.
  • Men or women who don't want to be dependent on an employer.
  • People who are fed up with the time wasted and expense of traveling to work 5 days a week.
  • Women with children at school,
  • Men and women who want to work from home.
  • Women who want to be independent and want or need to create their own online business.


Anyone can become a member of ASC.

I have been a member Authority Site Center for over 2 years.

During that time I have built a network of money making authority websites under the tutelage and guidance of the exceptionally talented partners of this forward looking, dedicated company.

Building an online profitable business is not easy.

There is a great deal of competition and, in my opinion, the only way to succeed is to have access to the very latest techniques in site building with constantly updated tools, comprehensive instruction and a lively, interactive forum.

The commitment of the team has been outstanding. In addition to the free hosting and monthly free website installations, there are numerous valuable resources and barely a day goes by without more being added.

The support has been tremendous and I feel that I have now found my place as an authority site designer and builder.

To keep abreast of this developing technology without Authority Site Center membership would have been extremely difficult and I can thoroughly recommend them to beginners and the more experienced alike.


ONE Site Can Change Your Life Forever!


Authority Black Book

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