How To Get Rid Of That Weight Gained at Xmas

This is the time of year when our TV screens, magazines and newspapers are exhorting us to lose all that weight gained over the festive season. Advertisements claim the benefits of numerous diets, slimming clubs, fat or sugar free food products and so on.

The facts are that research indicates that up to 75% of women aged between 25 and 55 in the West make a new years resolution to lose their festive bulge and nearly 90% of those report that they have had little or no success. Some have even gained weight despite their good intentions.

So why is this such a difficult resolution to stick with? After all the benefits are self-evident. They include better looks, toned bodies and feeling fitter all leading to greater self-esteem and confidence. Just what nearly every woman wants.

It is not that we are unaware that a good diet and exercise is the key to health and fitness, it is just that we lack the self-discipline to keep up or even start a healthy lifestyle.

It could be that the vast majority of us set our initial goals too high and embark on a dietary and exercise regime that becomes simply too much to cope with after a few days.

Lets make no pretence about this, slimming is hard work and requires guts to succeed and stay slim. Successful actresses and models have their career ambitions to help drive them forward, often with the help of an assortment of nutritionists, personal trainers, expensive and sophisticated exercise machines et al.

Not so the rest of us. What can we do to help us maintain our motivation and aspire to regaining a sylph like figure or at least losing those love handles?

First and foremost do not set yourself a dietary and exercise regime that is in any way onerous, you can always step it up as time goes by and you are adapting to your changed lifestyle.

For example you can keep eating the foods whose taste you enjoy because there has never been a wider choice of food products that are fat free, sugar free, low in carbs etc. Find those you like and just eat moderate amounts and so avoid the pain of just abstaining. It might take you time to adjust but you should gain confidence from knowing that your new favorites are helping to keep your weight under your control.

Walking is a good start to an exercise regime. Wherever you live there is always somewhere to walk so there is no excuse. Just gradually, over a period, up your pace and extend your walk. Before long you may feel like adding a few yards at a jog but keep in your mind that you are out to enjoy yourself in the fresh air so it does not become a chore.

As you adapt to your diet and exercise program the need for imposing self discipline upon yourself should recede, after all you are still taking it easy, it is just that you can do so much more without over exerting yourself and the real bonus is seeing your body shape up, your muscles looking toned and your general feeling of well being as the bulge disappears.

As a cautionary note it is advisable to have a chat with your medical advisor before you begin any dietary or exercise program, however moderate. Your heart rate and blood pressure should be checked and many people may be unaware that they may have one of the various ailments that lead to weight gain. Diabetes or an under active thyroid are among the more common causes.

Lastly realize that you are making a lifestyle change but keep it in perspective. Do not be afraid to give in to the occasional temptation otherwise there is a danger that you may wake up one day and think that the whole diet and exercise thing is a bore and that you are going to revert to your old habits. Don’t tell any body but I keep a pack of wholemeal chocolate biscuits hidden away and when I am in a mood nibbling on one or two gets me motivated again- must be something to do with my guilt complex!

Overweight is usually nothing more than the result of eating more than your body needs so always leave the table with room for more.       




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