Are You Guilty Of Weight Cycling?


Also known as ‘weight cycling’, yo yo dieting is a controversial subject with proponents in both “it does you harm” and the “causes no problems” camps.


Essentially a yo yo diet means going from one extreme, that is a persons normal diet that they believe is responsible for their overweight, to another extreme that cuts back drastically on food intake in the expectation that they will lose excess weight and enjoy a trim, attractive body.


Many extreme yo yo dieters report that their initial joy over losing weight fast is replaced by depression and/or fatigue and it becomes near impossible not to return to their old eating habits.



Although there has been considerable research on the possibility of health problems becoming evident in dedicated weight cyclers many of the conclusions lack total commitment.


Perhaps this is because dieters will have differing levels of food intake, different time cycles, different levels of physical activity and will be dependant upon age.


Without a regular exercise regime, dieters may lose not only burn body fat but muscle mass.


After returning to their normal eating routine extreme dieters are likely to experience a rapid weight gain of only body fat because that is the body’s normal response as it emerges from starvation mode.


As this cycle is repeated so the body attempts to maintain its normal fat to muscle ratio leading to a slowing down of the metabolism (the body’s way of turning food into energy) with the consequent increase in fat.


Also the metabolism can become less efficient as each dieting cycle passes.


In some cases this will lead to considerably more weight than before starting on the yo yo diet cycle.


Another interesting yo yo diet-defeating effect has been reported, that is that the dieters experience an increasing preference for fatty foods.


This is probably one reason why some researchers claim that weight cycling may increase the probability of certain health problems such as high chloresterol, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease and a weakening of the immune system.


Here at Hot Exercise we have only these observations to make to prospective yo yo dieters – all things in moderation, no extremes, and keep physically active with a ‘set in stone` regular exercise routine and hopefully you will have a body beautiful with no ill effects.



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