The Quickest Way to Lose Weight Permanently

The opening days of every new year are the signal for magazines, newspapers, TV and radio to saturate us with advice and diets on how to lose weight permanently. Getting slim is the number one new years  resolution for multitudes of women and men while every new food fad can collect its own band of dedicated followers.

Most of these resolutions fade into the memory as the year progresses along with the latest fashionable trends in dieting. In many cases this is just as well as so many fashionable slimming diets over the years have turned out to be lacking in essential nutritional values, tasteless and lacking in variety, often with a short lived or negligible weight loss effect and in some cases can be positively dangerous.

There is little point in going on any slimming diet unless the weight loss can be sustained throughout the years

rather than, as so often, just lasting for a few short weeks. A thoughtful and resolute approach to losing weight will pay big long and short term dividends to ensure a trim, healthy and energetic body throughout the years.

The number one priority in any weight loss program is maintaining the will to get and stay slim. Variety in food, drink and lifestyle are essentials in keeping up that long term endeavour to control weight gain with the first hurdle to overcome being the quickest way to lose weight permanently and safely.

Your usual daily calorie input should be reduced and combined with a program of exercises. We acknowledge that there are quicker ways to lose weight than with the recommendations we are about to give but our experience is that the so called quick result fad diets can cause serious health problems by shedding the pounds too quickly and following on from that a return to a weight sometimes greater than when you started.

How To Begin To Lose Weight

1. Start with a fitness program. Some people prefer to go for a regular workout at a local fitness center where they not only can get valuable advice from an instructor but enjoy socialising with other committed exercise enthusiasts which clearly helps to keep up the will to get and stay slim.

Otherwise planning your own fitness program with work outs in your own home and nearby roadwork is not difficult. It is a good idea to schedule in regular changes in routines to counteract any boredom that can creep in and undermine your will power.

Workouts lasting around forty minutes a day with a mix of aerobic and resistance training should be the target. Add on walking or running to work or the shops, running up stairs instead of using the elevator and so on should add up a significant regular calorie burn.

Start Planning Your Meals

2. You should aim to lower your regular food and drink intake by 500 calories a day. This alone can result in a weight loss of around 1 lb. a week. Together with the exercise program you will be burning of fat for energy quickly with no ill effects to your health.

3. Plan your meals around low or even low calorie foods. The best results, low energy, high bulk foods that make you feel fuller are best for weight control. Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent examples as they contain valuable nutrients as well the benefit of a very large variety of tastes. Combine salads with chicken, lean meats or fish.

4. It should not need mentioning but cut out candies, processed snacks, sodas, pastries and other foods containing sugar and all other foods with a high calorie content. Again a little research will warn you off those foods that will increase your calorie intake and, if not burnt off’ will thicken your waist line, give you love handles and thunder thighs.

5. Avoid salt. There are alternatives to salt for seasoning, also be sure to check the labels on processed or packaged foods for salt/sodium content. Salt encourages fluid retention which will show up as an expanding waist line.


Follow this advice for a healthy, risk free and permanent weight loss routine. Avoid the ‘miracle claims’of near instant slimming fads that may do more harm than good. The quickest way to lose weight and keep it off is by following a healthy eating and exercise regime.



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