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Don’t Let Obesity Stop You Exercising

Lets start by facing up to some hard facts.

Many people who suffer from being overlarge can become acutely embarrassed in the company of their leaner and fitter brethren, particularly in circumstances such as at a gym or on the beach when skimpy and revealing costumes are the order of the day.

Gym equipment is rarely available to suit large derrieres, excessively flabby tummies or over burdened knees so that even if you don’t give a toss what people think, finding a gym with suitable exercise machines is going to be well-nigh impossible for most fatties.

It is sad but true that these emotions and practical problems are not going to go away but with some planning and perseverance there is hope that a fitter, if not much slimmer you, will emerge.

It is important that overweight people do not think that losing weight is the sole or main driver for taking up an exercise program.

A fitter fatty will live longer, be healthier, have more vitality and stamina, and will get much more enjoyment from their work and play.

Fortunately there are several other options open for larger people to gain strength and fitness without recourse to the problems of a gym or suitable exercise equipment.

For the better off, there is the personal trainer route.

One-on-one exercise sessions can be arranged either by ´at home´ visits or in a private studio where only you and the trainer are present throughout the session.

If this is for you, start by doing your research. It is absolutely important that you and your trainer empathize with one another, the trainer must have understanding and patience and not just be a hard task master, you must feel comfortable with him or her and confident that he or she has the experience to design a program structured to your needs.

Remember that you are embarking on a new lifestyle and to help you persevere you will need a friendly and comforting face to help you through when you are feeling discouraged and down hearted.

Another option that will need a little extra will power and self-motivation is to explore the internet for on line specialized exercise routines for the overweight and select the one that suits your particular body problems.

For example you may have a bum and tummy that are far too large but legs that have difficulty in carrying your weight.

The likely key then is to find an exercise regime that concentrates on strengthening the legs and at the same time firm up the muscles in the buttocks and abdomen.

There are even one-on-one on line personal trainers. When you find what suits, stick with it!

Swimming is a great exercise for the obese but unless you have access to a private pool then you are faced with the embarrassment of thinking that everybody else is gawping at you.

Of course, after maybe one glance, they are back to thinking about their own problems.

If you can pluck up the self confidence, get to a public swimming pool regularly, you will quickly find that those occasional surreptitious glances at your body will have less effect on you than ´water off a ducks back´.

There is no getting away from the fact that being obese is a great challenge and we know that being in that condition is not just down to over eating and under exercising.

It is more often than not inherited, or the outcome of an upbringing by overindulgent parents, where you were not encouraged to say no or simply a bodily malfunction.

I, personally, know of fatties that keep to a very modest diet and slim, toned and healthy looking types that eat like horses and do no exercise whatsoever.

It can all be in the luck of the draw – or maybe the genes.

The bottom line is that those of us who are seriously overweight need to go that extra mile in determination and will power to keep ourselves fit.

If it means putting up with nasty and unkind remarks from passers by when we go on our daily four mile walk and jog then so be it. It is just another obstacle that we can train ourselves to overcome.

My way is to feel sorry for them if their lives are so limited that they can get pleasure from being unkind

If at-home exercising is your favored option, try and get hold of a recumbent cycling machine with an extra large seat.

Another excellent home machine where your size is of no importance is a ski machine, but be warned, these are really hard work.

You are unlikely to be able to do the regular at-home exercises such as push-ups and squats but stretching and upper body movements should present no great difficulties and will help keep you suppl

This is a quote by Oscar Wilde

‘Health is a primary duty of life’

(Lady Windermere’s Fan).

I believe that this applies to us all whatever our circumstances and whatever body we are given we should look after it to the best of our abilities.



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