Simple Reason Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight

After air, water is the next most vital element in the survival of all animal life. Without water we will not live. Drinking water regularly will help us to stay fit, healthy and stay leaner.


The bodies of adult men contain about 60% water while the bodies of adult women consist of around 55% water.


The significant factor is that body fat contains less water than lean tissue and fat takes up more of the bodies of adult women than in men.

The percentage of water in fat people, men included, is less than in slim people. So how does drinking plenty of water every day help with cutting out unwanted weight gain?


One of the answers is simple; drinking a glass of water helps to fill the stomach so acts as a natural appetite suppressor.


Instead of snacking when you feel peckish, drink a glass of water instead, you won’t feel so hungry and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done yourself some good.


Of course there are many other reasons why drinking plenty of water is beneficial to health and fitness and keeping weight gain at bay and as summer is now here, in the northern hemisphere, water becomes even more important.


Medical researchers tell us that up to 75% of adults suffer from mild or chronic dehydration, and that this has a seriously adverse effect on weight as well as general health.


It really is a waste of effort to exercise and diet to take off weight if you do not drink sufficient water. Drinking seven or eight pints of water a day, particularly in hot weather, will NOT put on weight.


On the contrary it will help you shed the pounds. Always have plenty of water close by when involved in any physical activity and take time out for frequent drinks. Amongst the many benefits that water brings to bodily functions are:


  • Increases the efficiency of the body’s ability to metabolize fat
  • It helps flush toxins and wastes from the body and the blood
  • Aids digestion by extracting the nutrients from food
  • An important aid in regulating the temperature of the body
  • The most important constituent in lubricating the joints
  • Moisturizes the skin to give a clear and healthy complexion
  • Is an aid to disease prevention, eight glasses of water daily has been shown to reduce the chance of contracting bladder cancer or colon cancer by about 45%


When sufficient water passes through the kidneys to enable them to function at their maximum efficiency there is a knock on effect on the liver that will also enable it to rid the body of toxins and waste with greater efficiency.


Some reminders to those of us that are tempted by shakes, cold soft drinks and all the other high calorie cool drinks that are so appealing during the hot weather, be strong minded and have a glass of refreshing iced water and know that you are helping to take off weight and not put it on.


Drinks such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks that contain caffeine act as diuretics, that are they encourage the body to lose water.


Most of us enjoy these drinks and there is no reason to go without them providing you replace the loss by drinking at least the same amount of plain water very soon after you have enjoyed that cuppa or coke.


It is a good habit to carry a small bottle of water when you are out and about, keep water in the car and be sure to up your consumption after any exercise and when the weather is warm.


Finally even on the coldest day try to keep up your water consumption, the benefits are not going to go away just because it’s freezing.






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