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Let your mind control your body, don't let your body control your mind.

Why Do We Have To Manage Our Weight?
  • Firstly to keep your body in better condition healthwise
  • Secondly to look better in and out of clothes
  • Thirdly to give you more self esteem

Of course there are some lucky people who can eat as much as they want to and never put on any weight. These people normally have an Ectomorph shape body which means they’ve got it both ways- tall and slim.


Oh well! Maybe just maybe they’re lacking in other departments. (Like brains or looks)


Why Am I Overweight?



Unfortunately obesity is on the rise.


This is a very worrying situation for most governments today as the hospitals are finding themselves under more and more pressure to treat obese related ill health such as high blood pressure, gallstones, cancer and  diabetes, which although may not individually be directly caused by overweight can contribute to the intensity of the illness.


So the long and the short of it is that you have to take the matter in hand yourself.


You can either visit your local GP who, after an examination, can help by putting you on a specially controlled diet to suit your body requirements or you can join a gym and put yourself onto a serious exercise regime, or you can combine an exercise program with a sensible eating pattern.


The normal aim for weight loss should be circa 2lbs per week. At first its great to see the pounds rolling off quickly but all that will be is fluid. After that initial loss the weight will come off slowly but surely. Console yourself with the thought that its now real solid fat that’s coming off. Whatever you do don’t give in and succumb to being  a yo-yo dieter.


That’s the road to failure because the weight comes back with a vengeance, believe me.


Just a reminder that if you lose weight too quickly you are in danger of losing muscle not fat, so don’t be drastic with your   Weight Loss Program!.


When you embark on a healthy eating plan the best solution is, at the same time, to start training with weights to firm up those flabby muscles


Download the free BMI calculator and work out your body mass. ( Body mass is a measure of body fat based on height and weight)


Remember this a mind over matter situation and although you can enroll with weight management courses the final effort boils down to you.


Take control of your life




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