Burn Fat and Tone Up Together

Most people don’t realize that it isn’t diet or exercise that is going to help them but a combination of both.

In order for your body to burn fat you must be taking in less calories then what you expend.

Yes, for some, diet modification will help in the beginning, but in the long run it is going to require regular exercise to continue to burn the fat and to actually build muscle tone. Not body builder muscle tone just normal healthy muscle tone.

So eating healthily is a vital component to weight loss. The other component is exercise.

What are the best ways to burn fat and tone up?

Cardios’ Role in Fat Loss

We can start by telling you that the less cardio you do in your workout routine the fewer calories that you are going to burn per workout. As I have already stated that weight loss, or the amount of fat you burn, depends largely on calories.

You need to be burning more calories then you take in. So here is an example for you.

A 30 minute cardio routine burns about 150 – 300 calories.

Talk to a nutritionist or trainer and they are going to tell you that we know that in order to burn one pound of fat we need to burn 3500 calories.

The USDA has guidelines that suit all people.
They recommend that all people should get 60 – 90 minutes a day of accumulated moderate  to intense physical activity most days out of the week. Note that is accumulated, so if you can’t get it all in at once then break it up through the day.

Here are a couple of the best cardio workouts:

1.  Running  doesn’t require expensive equipment and can be done anywhere. Burns serious calories especially if done on sprints or up hills. The average person weighing 145lbs. can burn up to 300 calories at 5.2mph in 30 minutes.

2. Boxing for cardio strength  is considered the best cardio workout. This workout requires the heart rate range to be 50-70% of a person’s maximum heart rate.

3. Swimming is the also one of the best workouts. Involves nearly all major muscles and therefore is the best whole body workout. Aquatic exercise can help and has become very popular as an exercise program.

Weights and Fat Burn and Tone

Yes, you need to include the use of weights in your routine to really see your body tone up.

There are principles, 3 of them to be exact, that need to be adhered to in order for you to build muscle and tone up. Following these three synergistic principles will help you make continuous gains any time you want.

These three principles are:

  • smart weight lifting
  • quality nutrition (there is the diet again)
  • quality rest

Keeping these in balance will optimize your muscle building and toning. So how do we fit the cardio and the weights together?

You should do your cardio after your weight lifting. Yes, you need to warm up for 5-7 minutes prior to your weight lifting, but your main cardio workout should be done after you lift weights.

This will help you burn two to three times more fat during your cardio routine because your metabolic rate will already have sky rocketed.

This next suggestion is one that causes great controversy.

Your weight lifting routine, when it comes to toning and fat burn, should be a light weight lifting routine.



This is because you need to have the energy to do the cardio as well. So a good 20 minutes of weights and then your cardio will super charge your metabolism and heart rate. Make sure you snack prior to your workout, primarily on fruits.

A combination of cardio and weight lifting is the key to burning fat and toning up. As well as having a balanced healthy diet.



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  1. chris walker says:

    if someone could email me back i would appreciate it a lot.Iuse to wieght 260 ilb now im down to 195 but im stuck i really want my body to tone i run run run and lift

  2. Jaks says:

    Hi Chris

    First of all well done for losing so much weight. It often happens that the weight drops off quickly at first but then just seems to stick.

    The answer is that if you want to continue losing weight you must persevere with your diet and exercise regime.
    However, if you are satisfied with the weight you are now and you just want to tone, you should concentrate on weight resistance exercises.

  3. Moss28 says:

    This was very informative info. I’ve been doing the total opposite when it comes to cardio and weight lifting, no wonder by the time I get ready to lift weights, I’m already tired. I will abide by the three principles. It makes common sense and ie wise to live by. Thank you so much for spreading your knowledge.

  4. Irene says:

    Can some expert please tell me which comes first….
    burn fats before firming up..some one tells me that if I firm up
    while burning fats will made it harder to burn fats, true?

  5. Kamal says:

    I am 33years male, having 95KG weight and 172cm height.
    How much quantity of calories should i burn a day by doing Treadmill?

  6. Theo Perine says:

    Great post! Keep it up! Personally, I think having the self discipline to follow through on one’s goals and expectations is the single most important thing a person needs to have. Not only in sports but in just about everything you do in your life. You’d be crazy to expect getting well-developed muscles if you are not working out religiously or if you are not following a proper diet. Following-through makes all the difference. A fire will eventually die out if you don’t feed fuel to it, but it can grow really big if you fan it and give it more fuel to burn. So, if we’re talking about building muscles, following-through means having and executing the right workout program for you, eating a proper diet, taking in supplements, and living a healthy lifestyle. Have a great day!


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