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How To Look Great Naked

With or without clothes a regular program of exercise together with a carefully regulated diet helps our bodies to get in shape and stay that way.

The difference is that those body parts that are hidden under clothescan conceal a very different picture when not supported by a bra, or stockings to iron out those dimples. You get the picture.

So your regular work out and diet keeps your tummy flat, your bottom tight and legs trim.

Now strip off and have a good look, is that bottom dimple free, tummy not showing any stretch marks, and breasts still perky?

If you think there is room for improvement read on

We all want a beautiful bosom and very few of us are satisfied with what we’ve got. They are either too small or too big.

Short of surgery there is little we can do about it as it’s all in the genes. so what we can do is make what we’ve got look great?

Underneath the breasts are the pectoral muscles. Keeping these chest muscles in tip top shape will make the breasts look bigger, firmer and, most importantly, perkier.

Try this at home for an easy starter

  • Lie flat on a firm surface, hold a dumbbell (if not a full can of anything) in each hand, palm up, arms by your side. Lift the weights by bending the elbows until they touch your shoulders and feel the pectorals tensing then lower slowly. Repeat twelve times.
  • Another easy one that you can do in virtually every forward facing position is to interlock the fingers of both hands across the chest with the elbows out at right angles to the body. Keep the hands interlocked and try hard to pull apart holding each attempt for a few moments before relaxing, Repeat twelve times.

Try to do these two simple exercise twice every day to keep your pecs up to the job of making your breasts look young and beautiful.

For a change try full or partial pushups, or any of the many exercises that involve the use of the chest muscles.

That’s got you looking good for topless sunbathing so the next step is that full frontal.

The three problems to confront are love handles, stretch marks and flabby tummy skin.

You are really unlucky if you suffer from all three but none are insurmountable.

Love handles are simply repositories for fat so make a start by controlling your diet.

Any and all exercises burn off excess calories, the more energetic the better. Try intermittent jogging and sprinting, power walking, push and sit ups.

Work at it and not only will you feel fit and vital, your body look toned and healthy, but your love handles will disappear.

Stretch marks are not only the result of pregnancy, they can appear anywhere on the body where fat is stored.

A classic case of prevention is better than cure!

Don’t be tempted to over eat or pig out on those tasty sticky desserts and puddings and risk putting on weight because once stretch marks appear they are there for life unless you undergo surgery.

All we can do is try to make them less obvious and, in this, time plays an important role

As time goes by so the stretch marks will flatten, fade and tone in with the surrounding skin and this process can be helped by applying moisturizers and nutrient rich natural oils such as jojoba, wheatgerm or vitamin E enhanced.

Loose skin in the stomach area more often than not around the tummy button is often caused as a result of weight loss.

It isn’t fair that after all that self-control to get that fabulous flat tummy you have to suffer unsightly folds of loose skin on an otherwise beautifully contoured body.

One answer is tummy tuck abdominoplasty, a surgical technique that removes the excess skin and shouldn’t leave any scarring.

There are a number of oils and creams that claim to tighten loose skin and we do not doubt that they can be beneficial to skin tone.

Whether they can resolve the problem is not for us to judge. This is a difficult problem to overcome if you want to look and feel great without any clothes on and regrettably our view is that to attain full frontal perfection, going under the knife is probably the only option but always remember there are dangers so check out every detail very carefully.

Finally we come to the butt

You have worked hard and stuck to a strict diet. Every part of your body looks trim and glowing with health, your vitality is off the wall and you feel so attractive that you are confident that you could entrance any man.

You look in the mirror and see a tight and beautifully contoured rear end and then horror upon horror orange peel and dimples stare back into your face – UGH! The dreaded cellulite has appeared despite all your efforts.

Well one answer is never to turn your back to anyone when naked but we know that isn’t entirely practical.

Cellulite is all down to poor circulation and fluid retention leaving hard pockets of fat that cause the dimpling effect.

There are any number of treatments, some invasive, that claim to successfully treat cellulite.

I just concentrate on spending as much time as I can on my cycling machine to tone up my bottom and thighs and get the circulation going.

Just looking at some of the treatments can be bewildering.

The range includes Liposuction, Laser dermatology, Lymphatic drainage massage, Hydrotherapy, saunas and steam baths, Suction variations, Electric current treatment, Jet therapy, Gene therapy, the Vibratory Endermatic system (!!!), even patches containing a substance that converts fat into energy.

We cannot possibly comment on any of these, one or more may do the trick for you.

Our message is to take the time to thoroughly investigate and take impartial qualified medical advice on as many of the treatments that appeal to you before making a commitment.

In the meantime keep up the butt and thigh exercises and burn up the calories, eat a healthy diet as fat free as possible with plenty of fruit, vegetables and other high fibre foods (fibre slows down or eliminates the formation of fat) and drink plenty of water to wash out the wastes.

If you persevere with this regime a miracle might just occur, every body is different, so who knows?

Beauty is only skin deep so don’t be disheartened. People will still think you look great nude  despite the odd little blemish here and there if you are glowing with good health and vitality.



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