Why Exercise Can Cause Back Pain

One of the main reasons for exercising is to build up the muscles which, of course, includes those that support the back and spine. However some sporting activities and incorrectly performed exercise routines can cause the back considerable damage and pain.

It is important to realise that it is best practice that the back muscles should be built up before participating in high impact activities, particularly those that involve frequent twisting.

Activities That Can Cause Back Pain

Tennis, golf, football, basketball, squash and horse riding are amongst the most obvious that results in extra strain on the back, even poor posture during the simplest of exercise routines may damage and cause pain in the back region.

This is why it is important to carry out the routines in the correct way otherwise exercise can, and will, cause back pain and even the most normal of day to day activities will then become a problem. Lifting and carrying, gardening, cycling and road running may affect your back and your ability to keep fit.

Which Exercise Routines Should I Do?

Exercise routines that develop the core muscles, that include the abdomen and back correctly performed can cut down the chances of developing back pain and injury.

It is reported that up to 80% of the population of the USA suffers from back pain at some time or other. Therefore it makes sense to exercise with care.

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