Why Pregnant Women Should Carry On Exercising

A carefully controlled exercise program during pregnancy is just as essential for the well being of mother and baby as a good diet.

Unfortunately, some mothers-to-be do not seriously apply themselves to a disciplined and regular, and of necessity, a gentle, undemanding keep fit routine. It can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Here at Hot Exercise one of our ambitions is to encourage 'keeping fit' as an enjoyable and fun recreation for every body so here are our ideas for mums and their unborn babies to make the most of this most eventful nine months of their lives.

Throughout pregnancy the priority for virtually every mum will be to avoid any activity that could be harmful to their foetus, yes- that can include exercise so lets be very careful.

Take any kind of activity that expends energy, however limited, such as gentle walking, dancing with the Dad or just partying and staying up late very seriously.

Do please remember to drink plenty of water before during and after your time out particularly in warmer climes.

Both baby and you need fluids

Try never to become short of breath by overdoing the physical stuff, keep your breathing controlled and easy, your breathing puts oxygen into your bloodstream and that is very important to your baby so do not take the risk that it may suffer any shortage.

Most western societies provide pre-natal classes for mums-to be where a tremendous amount of support and advice is given so try to attend regularly, especially with the Dad-to-be, who would probably wish to be anywhere else than involved in childbirth.  Now that is a challenge!

So how do we put fun into keeping fit during pregnancy?

First of all get the Dad involved in working out with you, but make sure he knows that you must not overdo any exercise, not get out of breath and that he has plenty of clean fresh water handy to pour down your throat at every opportunity!

During pregnancy, we like exercises where you can sit down and perform movements that require flexing, tensing and extending without the risk of straining any muscles that are important during childbirth.

Legs, including thighs, buttock and arm exercises performed from this position in moderation are likely to be beneficial.

We also believe that any exercises that involve lying on the back and using the abdominal muscles should not be undertaken without medical supervision and any type of squatting exercise must be avoided.

The other types of beneficial activity involve the light of your life. Get him to dance with you when he gets home from work, not jive, maybe he can go with you for an every day gentle early morning jog, hold hands and go for regular walks, just get him and keep him helping you stay as fit as possible to make the great event as awe inspiring as nature intended, and childbirth a doddle!



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