The Benefits of Improving Foot Muscle Strength

When we think of strengthening exercises, we often assume this refers only to the development of the compound muscles in the body. This is not always an accurate assessment. You can strengthen other components of the body.

For example, you can employ a variety of exercises for the express purpose of enhancing the strength of the muscles in the feet. And this would certainly be a wise move.

The feet have the unenviable task of supporting your body weight. By increasing the strength levels in the muscles in the feet, you will be able to move without discomfort or limitations.

How is this so? The answer can be found in a description in the physiology of the feet.

Description of Muscles in Foot

The foot is primarily comprised of muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and bones. In terms of the muscles, there are 20 specific muscles.

These muscles include

  • The anterior tibial
  • The posterior tibial
  • The peroneal tibial
  • The flexors
  • The etensors

These muscle all tie together to perform the basic function of the feet. In short, the muscles not only support the ability for the toes to move, the stabilization of the toes and ankle to the ground, the ability to move the foot upwards, arch support and movement of the foot but essentially allow the foot to do what it is intended to do when you wish to use your feet!

And, of course, if you do not work to strengthen the muscles, you will not get the most benefit out of your feet.

Benefit of Feet Exercises

It would be difficult to list all the benefits since there are so many but probably the most obvious benefit would be a reduction in the fatigue of the muscles when you use them.

In other words, if you need to stand all day or walk a great deal, you can do so without becoming too tired or sore.



Cramps and foot pain will dissipate as the strength of the foot is enhanced and increased. You could even gain greater range of motion with the foot which will also reduce injuries.

If you were to sum up the main benefits of performing feet exercises, it would be they can improve the quality of your life. This is why regularly performing these feet exercises is a huge plus.



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