Exercise Can Alleviate Neck Pain, Strains and Sprains

The average weight of an adult human head is around ten and a half pounds (4.5 – 5 kg) when measured from the third vertebrae. This heavy weight is supported by the neck muscles constantly working hard during waking hours.

As a result many of us suffer from painful and strained muscles in the neck area, known as the cervical spine, caused by a variety of reasons.

These may involve tendonitis where the tendons have become torn, muscle and ligament problems, nerves or cartilage injuries.

As the neck contains a large number of muscles to allow the head a great deal of movement at the expense of stability so it is not surprising that neck pain, strains and sprains occur and and reoccur with some frequency amongst the vulnerable.

Amongst the more common initial causes are whiplash where the head is flung backward or forward or sharply twisted. A heavy impact on top of the head can cause the neck to compress and also damage the muscles. In such cases ongoing problems will often reoccur despite initially successful treatment alleviating the neck pain.

Other major causes are bad posture when either awake or asleep, sitting at a computer with a badly adjusted monitor or for simply too long without a break, and any job or workplace requiring lengthy repetitive or lengthy neck stretching. Even stress can be a factor in the onset of an aching neck.

If you suffer from any neck pain or strain it is recommended that you see your medical advisor before carrying out any exercises that may relieve the pain just in case there is a serious underlying problem that may be seriously aggravated by such unsupervised activity.

The chances are that you will be given some pain relievers and the all clear to carry out exercises that can give relief from aches and pain and prevent further neck strains.

Here are some yoga poses that can reduce and alleviate the discomfort of neck pain, strains and sprains.

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