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The Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercise

Before there are any benefits from deep breathing exercises it is essential to have the correct body posture.

If your body is being supported by the wrong muscles, it will affect your ribcage moving in a natural way and lead to the tightening of the muscles controlling your diaphragm. When these muscles are tight the amount of air you inhale as you breath is restricted and can affect the amount of oxygen being absorbed by the body.

The object of having good posture while carrying out deep breathing exercises is to enable the ribcage and diaphragm to create the required space to gain the benefits.

It is not necessary to be standing, good body posture for breathing exercises can be maintained when sitting or lying down.

Adjust your body position so that when you inhale your ribcage moves up and expands naturally from the air intake, then, without a pause, lowers and deflates as you exhale.

There should be no sign of tension or stress from any muscles in the chest or abdominal region. In other words a nice easy relaxed series of continuous deep inhaling and exhaling with no pauses.

The flow of air in and out of your lungs should occur without any conscious effort as you inhale through your nose and letting your mouth open when you breathe out.

The most evident benefit of taking the time to have regular deep breathing sessions is to relieve stress and wind down from the day’s activities. Apart from relaxing the body, the brain benefits from an increased oxygen supply leading to a better ability to cope with any problems or anxieties.

When carrying out any physical exercise or following a fitness program you should try to carry out this natural deep breathing exercise from the start and until the exertion has increased the heart rate making it is no longer possible.

Just remember that posture is all-important, get that right and your deep breathing becomes a body function that happens without conscious effort.



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