10 Reasons Not To Exercise

  1. Too lazy –If you’re too lazy to exercise, you’re too lazy for life.
  2. Not cool–Well, you certainly won’t become one of the new elitist celebrity sportsmen or women, will you? I rather think they’re cool.
  3. Too tired–Believe it or not energy begets energy.
  4. Got something else to do–The more you do the more you can do.
  5. Got nobody to do it with–Try joining a gym and make some new friends to exercise with.
  6. It is boringThe only thing that’s boring is you.
  7. Don’t feel wellNot the usual excuse given by girls to their PT instructor I hope.
  8. Don’t know where to start-Start by walking more, not sitting down so much and getting off your backside.
  9. Don’t need itStatistics show that people who exercise have longer and healthier lives, so everyone needs it. Unless they are just too lazy too care.
  10. No time–Once you make the time you will find that other things get pushed to the background because you are actually enjoying it.





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