“Jaks is extremely knowledgeable with building successful profitable networks online. Her own network of sites which include http://preciousmetalinvestment.com, https://hotexercise.com, http://eyebeautytips.com have become very successful and serve as template for which her students to follow when develping thier own authority sites.” December 5, 2006

Melissa Trippel, Owner, Webweaver Designs
worked directly with Jaks at RPM Institute


“Jaks is a front-line, Elite authority site building coach at the RPM Institute. She went through our coaching program this summer and was one of our more outstanding and motivated students. As our coaching program ramps up, with Jaks involved, we are seeing the fruits of her dedication and expertise. She is an invaluable resource for the RPM Institute and its members!” December 4, 2006

Jack Humphrey, Managing Partner, Content Desk - RPM Institute
worked directly with Jaks at RPM Institute

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