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Do you remember those cartoon ads where a little guy is on the beach with his girl friend when along comes a bully with six pack abs who insults her and then hits her boy friend when he objects to the remark, calling him a “bag of bones”?.

The boy friend takes the advertised body building course and in the next strip has become so well developed that he is able to flatten the bully with one punch. [click to continue…]


Made of elastic rubber the exercise ball, also referred to as the Swiss ball, has become very popular with keep fit enthusiasts.

It is large and very light and should not be confused with the much heavier medicine ball.

Both are invaluable in exercise programs designed to build up muscle strength. [click to continue…]


How To Exercise If You Are Wheelchair Bound

Life in a wheelchair,for whatever reason, can be difficult to accept. Mobility is severely limited and I’m sure that some days it all seems too much effort to even think about exercising.

However, it can be even more important to begin an exercise regime as muscle tone will quickly be lost and the possibility of increased risk of blood clots and pneumonia can occur. Also ,without movement the body can develop sores, which are difficult to cure.

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