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Have you noticed that there seems to be more kids who are obese these days?

It is heartbreakingly true.  Especially in the United States as studies have shown the kids in the US are more likely to be obese than kids in other countries.

There are some important questions that need to be addressed if we are to reverse this trend and save our kids from a lifetime of emotion, mental and physical misery.

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You may not consider that that your children need to follow an exercise program but if you want them to grow up to be fit and healthy now is the time to encourage a new lifestyle.

For children, it doesn’t have to be planned like an adult exercise program as it  basically means getting them up, moving and motivated.

Today more then ever, children consider playing to be sitting in front of a TV or computer or using some hand held game player.

Back in the day when we were children playing meant you were out of the house after breakfast running and jumping around, skipping, bike riding, and playing kickball with your friends in the street or near by field.

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