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high intensity training

High intensity training is a form of strength training that uses short intense exercises that need a high degree of effort. Generally this involves anaerobic exercise as opposed to aerobic exercise.

The following cardio and strength workout is designed to take you to the limit by moving from one exercise to the next without stopping. However, they are not intended for the novice. [click to continue…]


How To Get The Best Out Of Circuit Training

Circuit training provides one of the best exercise routines to build muscle, enhance heart fitness and burn off fat.

Those new to exercise routines would be forgiven for thinking that circuit training is about running or exercising around a track or circuit. In this case the ´circuit´ is a combination of a number of short, high intensity but different exercises performed one after the other and designed to achieve a specific fitness result.

It may be weight loss, endurance, muscle building, flexibility or all round physical wellbeing. [click to continue…]


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