Control Your Sports With Hypnotherapy

The healthy mind has control over all our senses and physical activities.

Our emotions, habits, perceptions, powers of concentration and behavior patterns are dictated by and originate from our minds.

Our ability to push our bodies that little extra, the coordination between eye and muscle, the desire to compete and win emanates from our mind.

If we put to one side external influences such as the quality of food available to us, the environment we live in, disease and injury and other factors over which we have no direct control, there is no aspect of our physical well-being and mental attitude that is not within the power of our minds to alter, for better or for worse.

And that is exactly what is happening throughout our lives

For example today we may think positively about our ability to undertake a long term course of physical training to achieve a goal in sport, lose excess weight, or just to feel fitter and healthier.

Next week our resolve disappears, our confidence drops, now we think that however hard we try we are not going to make it so why bother!

Probably the most obvious example is the addiction to smoking. Nicotine is recognized as an addictive drug making it that much harder to give up the habit despite being aware of the life threatening consequences.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have strong will power can be successful in breaking the habit; others need help of one sort or the other.

Again just because some people can give up a long term smoking habit unaided and by the power of their mind does not mean that they have the ability to be as determined in other situations that they should be confronting.

Look at how many ex smokers compensate by overeating and become obese.

If we could influence our minds to the extent that even extreme pain becomes bearable, that we feel confident in our abilities to handle the most unpleasant of situations, never let our emotions get the better of us, stay calm and logical in all circumstances, never succumb to our cravings however tempting, in fact have absolute control over the workings of our mind then we would be the most exceptional of human beings.

It is from this premise that the practice of Hypnotism came about and Hypnotherapy developed.

Hypnosis is not mind control as many believe, it is a way of reaching into the subconscious and developing the emotions, perceptions and behavioural attitudes that lie within.

Many hypnotists consider that the subconscious is similar to a computer in so far as the information it contains has been put into it through all the experiences that we have had since birth and that it operates as a result of this programming. Some of these experiences will be negative and adversely affect our emotions perceptions and behaviour.

The Hypnotherapist attempts to reach into the subconscious mind to turn these deep-seated negative influences of which we are usually unaware into benevolent positive attitudes and capabilities.

Hypnotherapy has become a recognized and effective remedial practice able to resolve many emotional and behavioural problems. Amongst these are stress, low self-esteem and confidence, insomnia, pain management, smoking, food addiction, nail biting, painless childbirth and others.

Over time many Hypnotherapists have tended to focus on specific areas within their profession in much the same way as medicine has its specialists

One such speciality is Sports Hypnotherapy

Sports hypnotherapists have had some outstanding success by opening the portals for sports men and women to believe in themselves, their abilities and skills and the confidence to display their aptitudes in a competitive environment

Some of the most outstanding sports stars can experience emotional or other mental problems that can affect their focus and contribute to a premature decline in their abilities.

Modern sports management and coaches have mostly come round to accepting the benefits that a good qualified specialist sport hypnotherapist can be to resurrecting a stars´ career or just tweaking the edges to improve their performance.

Wherever you live there is likely to be a qualified hypnotherapist not too far away.

It is not essential to have a specialist to help constructively with any problems that you may be experiencing with your chosen sport or exercise program.

You do not have to be a star, whether you are an occasional golfer, an exercise devotee having trouble with the resolve to commit to a daily time consuming exercise routine, somebody who just wants to lose a little weight and feel a bit fitter but needs a prod, whatever your situation, hypnotherapy can, if given a chance, be life enhancing.

We are told that about 95 % of us are susceptible to hypnosis providing we approach it with an open mind.

Hypnotherapists are most unlikely to put you into a deep coma; this only happens on the rarest of occasions and with those very few subjects who are particularly susceptible.

In 90% of cases the subject will be aware of every thing that goes on in the session.



Our advice is to approach hypnotherapy with the same attitude you would have with your doctor, their business is to help, and curing the mind is as important as healing the body.

Hang ups in your favorite sport or lack of motivation to get fit, lose weight, stick to a diet or work out?

Then our advice is to seek out a qualified hypnotherapist.

Digging into your subconscious can get the best out of you!



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