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  Exercise is the Key 

They say that you are what you eat but that is only partly true. To become and stay fit you need to exercise. The amount of exercise you should do is directly related to your fitness aspirations and your lifestyle. By logging into this exercise site you are showing that you want to explore the various exercise options and hopefully find a fitness regime that will suit your aspirations.

 Lets start with the average person who just wants to feel good about themselves and their body. Age is not of paramount importance.

Anybody between 10 and 90 years old can find an exercise program coupled with a healthy diet that will keep their body feeling and looking toned. The simplest of all and which will suit any age group beginning an exercise program, is walking. The opportunity to walk is not dependant upon your work or where you live but it takes a little thought and some decision making. Try to take an exercise walk at least twice a week for at least 1-2 miles on top of your work or other daily routine. Do not push yourself too hard to start with but gradually increase the distance and try some power walking as you go along.

It is important not to over exert yourself at any time and although you may start by having aching or stiff muscles by the time you get back after a few days your body will adjust and the feel good effect will start very soon. If you are unable to leave home perhaps because you have small children to care for or for any other reason, it is well worth considering purchasing an exercise machine to use in the safety and comfort of your home.

 An exercise treadmill can tell you the distance you have covered so that you can pace yourself accordingly and set your weekly/monthly targets and many have heart rate monitors, amount of calories burnt, and other useful extras. If you have the desire to achieve greater exercise goals such as a weight losing regime, muscular development or stamina building it is imperative to have a medical check up and discuss your exercise aims with your Doctor before starting and abide by his advice.

These days most people reading this will have access to a nearby exercise center or gym where they will find a variety of exercise machines and exercise equipment and just as importantly a qualified fitness adviser who will recommend an exercise program to achieve your fitness goals. If you prefer to work out at home and have the self discipline to keep to a structured exercise program then you should consider acquiring some equipment and set aside a space in your home where it can be located permanently.Regular running and jogging are basics and cost only the price of a track suit and trainers.

Simple and inexpensive exercise equipment includes weights of various types, an exercise ball and even exercise videos which will provide ideas and interest if you find some of your own fitness routines are becoming boring. More sophisticated exercise equipment that can provide specific groups of muscle with a work out to build up mass or can increase cardiovascular fitness to provide better stamina can be found in a fitness center where you will be advised on their use. Otherwise think about an exercise bike at home for all round general fitness and building leg and arm muscle mass and increasing stamina.

Abdominal exercise equipment can give you a six pack and weight lifting exercise machines can give a man those pectorals he's always wanted. For home use I would advise you to go to a gym or fitness center, have a good look at their exercise equipment and ask questions of their instructors. Get hold of an exercise equipment review either from a catalogue, magazine article, or on line and then make your decision.

 Finally decide on a training schedule, stick to it, increase it as you become fitter but don't over do it, and keep to a healthy diet.

J.Lloyd- publisher


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As your knowledge about exercise continues to grow, you will begin to see how exercise fits into

 the overall scheme of things. Knowing how something relates to the rest of the world is important too.






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