Use These Fast Calorie Burning Tips

If you have been exercising and dieting and there seems to be no visible effect, it could be down to your metabolism. As you age, your metabolism slows down and it becomes harder than ever to lose those stubborn pounds and flabby arms and legs. Try the skin pinch test.

However, when it starts to get you down and you think about giving up, just try a few of the following fast calorie burning techniques. They are guaranteed to boost your metabolism, burn more calories and then the weight will fall off and you will be left with a much more toned body.

Graze throughout the day

Eat smaller than normal meals five or six times a day. This will increase your metabolism rate and burn twice as many calories as it takes to digest 2 – 3 larger meals per day. The body uses energy to aid digestion, therefore it makes sense to spread your meals out.

Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper

Eating the right kind of breakfast will turbo start your metabolism. If you go without any breakfast at all, you will only eat more than you need later on in the day because you will be feeling hungry.

Eating a large meal at night is probably one of the worst things you can do. If you must have your biggest meal in the evening try and eat it before 6pm. If not, your digestion will not be able to work efficiently enough while you are sleeping and you will store the calories as extra fat.

Your exercise regime should include interval training

Interval trainings' method of alternating short and fast bursts of exercise will burn 20 – 40 % more calories. This way is a favorite of many celebrities, including Madonna, and is used by personal trainers to get actors fit enough for some of the more demanding roles they have to portray.

Training with weights will tone your muscles

If your body has more muscle than fat ratio you will burn more calories. This even continues while you are sleeping. Added bonus – a more sculpted body.

Whether you have become disheartened because that body beautiful is not emerging or just starting out on a keep fit look - lean routine or even thinking about a change of exercise regime to keep yourself interested, these tips will help you go that extra mile and you will start burning those calories faster.




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