The Best Exercise Kit For Home Workouts

If you are exercising at home you will need to use some simple pieces of exercise equipment to get maximum input and  boost your workout routines.

Fortunately it does not cost very much to set yourself up with some simple pieces that can be put away in a cupboard out of sight. No longer do you need to buy those huge pieces of equipment that can take over your living space.

Exercise Mat

Everybody’s first on the list home exercise kit purchase should be a good exercise mat.

This will cushion your spine when you are doing floor exercises and reduce the possibility that you may slip while carrying out yoga and pilates routines.

It is also hygienic as it will protect your floor covering from sweat and undue wear.


The most traditional piece of kit for home exercise is a set of dumbbells. Begin with a pair weighing 5-10 lbs and graduate to 15- 25 lbs. Better still buy a set of weights that attach to the dumbbells so that you can gradually increase your resistance work.

Always make sure you warm up before you exercise and cool down afterwards.


Kettlebells have been used in exercise routines for over 300 years. Think of an old fashioned cannonball with a handle attached. Swinging a kettlebell is a great workout for your core muscles and your heart.

A word of warning, it is a good idea to get down to your local gym for classes on how to use the kettlebell safely to avoid self injury and possible muscle damage. Having a good technique with this piece of kit will work wonders with your stamina and strength. Start with a kettlebell weighing around 10-15 lbs.


Check that the step is stable and strongly built before purchase. Even the best will not set you back much money. It is easy to carry out step routines at any time without having to change into gym gear. A step is great for cardio workouts and calorie burning.

Medicine Ball

A favourite found in every gym is a medicine ball. Usually a little larger than a basketball and weighing between six and twenty lbs. On your own it is used for weight lifting and a variety of routines such as lunging.

If you have a partner to exercise with you can perform a number of exercises throwing the ball to each other from different positions.

Swiss Ball

The Swiss ball is our personal favourite. This is a large inflated plastic ball that seems to have a mind of its own when you sit or lie on it to perform various routines. There are three sizes so choose a size best suited to your height.

Resistance Band

An elastic resistance band is the least expensive piece of specialised exercise kit you can buy. One advantage is that it can be carried anywhere as it is very light so there is no excuse for not exercising if you are away from home overnight or longer.

Routines with the band build muscle tone instead of weights and add variety to your workouts. They come in different strengths to suit.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.


Finally any household chair is a useful addition to the home exercise kit as it can be used for a number of beneficial postures such as squats, twists and other muscle building routines.

Also as every dwelling has a chair there is no excuse for missing a workout because there is no kit!

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