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Get ready to zero in on the zones and shrink the fat cells in places you never thought you could!
America's favorite fitness authority Denise Austin has created the perfect workout to help target those tough spots where we tend to accumulate the most fat: hips, thighs, upper arms, tummy and buns. You'll get a complete abs, upper, and lower body workout that will sculpt and contour your muscles, boost metabolism and lose inches. If you're ready to banish the bulge and create flattering curves in all the right places, go ahead and take aim at the zones toady! You've got nothing to lose but fat!


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"Rock Your Body" is a non-stop, high-energy cardio routine filled with the latest dance moves. Jamie King has devised a workout that tones all parts of the body, increased flexibility and strength, and promotes weight loss.

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A deluxe edition DVD set comprised of the best-selling fitness videos New York City Ballet Workout Volume 1 and 2. The videos are designed to help you develop the strength, grace and poise of a dancer. An excellent alternative to fast paced, high-energy workout routines, this unique exercise program balances art, life and fitness into the perfect workout for any age or fitness level. Whether you love ballet or are simply searching for an alternative workout regimen designed to produce a strong, graceful body, this program will deliver exceptional results.

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In many ways Federer is much like the man he succeeded at the All England Club in 2001. Federer showed his former idol the door with a sensational performance. The fourth-round thriller ended Sampras' remarkable reign - at least for the moment.


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Total Immersion: Freestyle Made Easy illustrates everything about freestyle swimming - how to kick efficiently; every part of the stroke - entry, catch, finish, exit and recovery; how to breathe - in the pool and in open water; and how to do both the relaxing open turn and the fast flip turn. To allow you to study all of this carefully, the DVD uses more views (surface, underwater, front, and directly overhead), more slow-motion and more stop action than any DVD produced before. Since 1989, Total Immersion Swimming has become a phenomenon among improvement-minded swimmers - the first program in the history of swimming instruction with "raving fans." TI has become so popular because it is simpler than any alternative; it works with unprecedented dependability and it makes swimming enjoyable and deeply satisfying. Freestyle Made Easy provides the whole picture on smart Freestyle.


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THE COMMUNICATOR AWARDS, a prestigious international awards competition that recognizes outstanding work in the communications field, has conferred the 2003 AWARD OF DISTINCTION to four instructional DVDs produced by Classical Pilates Inc.: (1) Classical Pilates Technique: The Complete Mat Workout Series; (2) Classical Pilates Technique: The Complete Magic Circle Mat Series & Reformer Mat Workout; (3) Classical Pilates Technique: The 3rd Edition Complete Universal Reformer Series; (4) Classical Pilates Technique: The Studio Equipment Series. As a winner of these four Communicator Awards, Classical Pilates Inc. joins an exclusive list of video professionals who are recognized as the best within the industry. Entries are judged by industry professionals who assess the highest standards of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.





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