10 Good Reasons To Start Exercising Now

Look at the new breed of celebrity – David Beckham (football) James Anderson (cricket) Roger Federer (tennis). Do you think that they got where they are today by being a couch potato? These people train every day to keep their bodies in top physical condition.


  • Exercise is healthy

Without moving all the parts of your body you are surely going to seize up, shrivel and die.

Even simple walking, climbing stairs instead of taking the lift are going to help your heart to pump blood around your body and get that sluggish circulation going.

Take it one day at a time and begin slowly with simple routines. Make it interesting.


  • Exercise makes you feel good

Whenever you exercise your brain releases a chemical called endorphin which makes you feel happy. Your self esteem is raised.


  • Energy raises your energy levels

Yes there’s no doubt that energy begets energy.

When you spend too much time in front of the TV or computer you feel tired and drained. Just go for a brisk walk and feel the difference.


  • Exercise protects you from certain illnesses

Osteoporosis – a bone weakening condition which affects women mainly after menopause. Its essential to do weight lifting exercise to strengthen those bones.

Cancer- there is evidence that regular exercise can help prevent against colon, lung and breast.

Diabetes – certain types of this illness can be improved with exercise.

Your immune system will be stronger.


  • Exercise reduces weight

Your metabolism is increased leading to calories being used up faster.

Body fat is more likely to be maintained at the correct levels for your height and build if you partake in aerobic exercise. Three times a week for one hour is the start off point.


  • Exercise brings you into contact with other people

Join a gym, go for regular runs in the park where lots of joggers go, join a sports club, a walking group, mountaineering group, a tennis club, the list is endless.


  • Exercise can improve your sleep pattern

If you are using medication for insomnia, try aerobic exercise 4 times a week and cut out the medication.

Your sleep patterns should improve as the regular transition between the different cycles of sleep become smoother. You will also sleep more deeply.


  • Exercise stimulates the brain

Research has shown that those of us who exercise perform better mentally and children do better at school than their sluggish counterparts.


  • Exercise makes you look better

Exercise will bring a glow to your skin.



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10 Reasons Not To Exercise


  1. Too lazy –If you’re too lazy to exercise, you’re too lazy for life.
  2. Not cool–Well, you certainly won’t become one of the new elitist celebrity sportsmen or women, will you? I rather think they’re cool.
  3. Too tired–Believe it or not energy begets energy.
  4. Got something else to do–The more you do the more you can do.
  5. Got nobody to do it with–Try joining a gym and make some new friends to exercise with.
  6. It is boring–The only thing that’s boring is you.
  7. Don’t feel well.–Not the usual excuse given by girls to their PT instructor I hope
  8. Don’t know where to start–Start by walking more, not sitting down so much and getting off your backside.
  9. Don’t need it–Statistics show that people who exercise have longer and healthier lives, so everyone needs it. Unless they are just too lazy too care.
  10. No time–Once you make the time you will find that other things get pushed to the background because you are actually enjoying it.


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