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There is absolutely no argument that Madonna is a beautiful woman.

In fact, Madonna has always been considered one of the world’s most beautiful women. Madonna’s maturity has not dulled her stunning great looks; on the contrary, this lady has become even more beautiful with age.

Men and women alike often wonder how it has been possible that Madonna has defied the years she has lived.

Certainly she has worked incredibly hard in her career, and many times it has been noted that she lives her life fully and completely, yet not a sign is visible to suggest some weariness or that better days are behind her.

Madonna is also a very generous lady who has willingly shared her 'secrets' to her stunning looks.

She is very much proactive in her fitness regimen, including power yoga and her latest routine that makes use of a vibrating plate called the Power Plate, now commonly referred to as the ‘miracle’ machine.

Naturally, Madonna also follows a sensible healthy eating plan known as a macrobiotic diet.

She also practices a very precise yoga routine known as 'Ashtanga Yoga', a technique that truly benefits the entire mind, body and soul, as a whole.

There are eight steps in the successful completion of an Ashtanga beginning with Yama, observation of moral, followed by Niyama, for the development of inner integrity.

Ashtanga yoga then progresses to Asana, for correct posture and Pranayma, the control of breath before commencing Pratyahara ie sensory withdrawal.

The final stages are Dharana for concentration, Dyhana, which is a deep uninterrupted meditation stage concerned in the dissolving of ego; the mind and intellect to become one conciousness and Samadi for contemplation and reflection.

As you may have realized from Madonna’s chosen yoga technique her beauty regime very much begins from the inside and her macrobiotic diet  is the perfect dietary companion.

This diet is definitely not some new fad or crash diet; in fact it was recognized in ancient Greece when Hippocrates set to describe a diet of those who lived long and healthy lives.

The macrobiotic diet became known in the western world in the late 1950s. Madonna’s macrobiotic diet is a complete dietary attitude that includes the ingestion of only natural healthy food.

The general guide for produce to include in a macrobiotic diet is:

  • Daily soup
  • Daily fruit
  • 10-20% beans and bean products
  • 25-50% vegetables
  • 25-50% Whole cereals
  • Seaweed in small amounts
  • Fish
  • Seeds and nuts

Following a macrobiotic diet includes listening to the body and adjusting the required foods according to health conditions.

Additionally a macrobiotic diet is reflected to the seasons.The greatest advantage is that no foods are in fact banned.

A macrobiotic diet does however consider that there are 'sometimes foods' and 'always foods'. The basic principle of a macrobiotic diet is balance.

Madonna’s beauty and health is not all about ancient arts. Her fitness now includes the new Power Plate

The  miracle machine does not involve a rigorous aerobic exercise although the same benefits are achieved in just 15 minutes.

The plate makes this possible by creating vibrations that contract and relax the muscles up to an amazing 50 times a second.

Body toning and strength is increased. It is said that the machine has the ability to improve blood flow and even reduce cellulite.

It is not all standing still, however, as users are encouraged to do gentle stretches and squats while standing on the plate.

Madonna does not follow silly fads or dangerous trend diets. She cares for herself from the inside out. Yes, she was blessed with an amazing bone structure and exquisite features, but her most important beautiful asset is her mind, that she fills with knowledge, and her ability to be open to unfamiliar introductions.

Madonna has the intelligence to listen to her own body and do what is right for her. No picture book perfect look could be truly beautiful without a great mind behind it.



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KIM SAIZ said:


tongyun said:

I've been following Madonna's career since she first came out during the 80s. She and I are about the same age and it's amazing that she still looks so fit and healthy. I always figured celebrities had the benefit of having personal trainers and more time to work out than I did but apparently she also eats properly which makes a huge difference.

maryam said:

love madonna

Kandra said:

The best thing you can do for your body to tone up is heavy whole body weight trainning.It burns fat,builds up your muscles,stregthen your bones etc.
if you have the time,workout for 5-6 days a week.3days of weights+2/3 days of cardio.
drink lots of water and you will see huge changes in 3 months.

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