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The Benefits of Good Posture

Good posture has both psychological and physical benefits. The image you portray is greatly influenced by your posture. A person who has good posture is likely to be self confident, but with poor posture is likely to portray a negative image.

Why Women Should Exercise

If they want to stay strong and healthy women should exercise. The importance of exercise in women’s health cannot be understated. Not only will she remain strong and healthy but she will keep her figure. Regular exercise will prevent obesity and keep weight gain under control, to the benefit of a woman’s looks and fertility […]

The Effects of Exercise on the Muscles

The effects of exercise on the muscles can be rather multifaceted. Most people assume that when you exercise the muscles, you will solely develop significant mass.

Why Exercise Can Cause Back Pain

Why Exercise Can Cause Back Pain

One of the main reasons for exercising is to build up the muscles which, of course, includes those that support the back and spine. However some sporting activities and incorrectly performed exercise routines can cause the back considerable damage and pain.

Why It Is So Important to Cool Down After Exercise Workout

Cooling down after an exercise session is as important as warming up before the workout. Your warm up helps get your body and mind prepared for the forthcoming physical exertion while the cooling down brings the body and brain activity back to normality. During the workout, the heart and breathing increase and the body produces […]

Why You Should Warm Up Before Exercising

Carrying out a warm up before any physical activity above the norm is important as it triggers the heart to gradually pump increased oxygen rich blood to the muscles. In this way your body becomes safely prepared for the strenuous demands that your exercise routines should put upon it. The effect is to warm up […]

Exercise Can Alleviate Neck Pain, Strains and Sprains

Exercise Can Alleviate Neck Pain, Strains and Sprains

The average weight of an adult human head is around ten and a half pounds (4.5 – 5 kg) when measured from the third vertebrae. This heavy weight is supported by the neck muscles constantly working hard during waking hours.

The Benefits of Targeted Leg Exercises

There is an old saying in bodybuilding circles: the legs are the foundation for the body. One of the worst mistakes people that hit the gym make is that they will build up the muscles in the upper torso and avoid performing effective leg exercises. This is not a good idea because weak leg muscles […]

The Benefits of Improving Foot Muscle Strength

Increasing the strength levels in the muscles in the feet will give benefits such as being able to move without discomfort or limitations and a reduction in the fatigue of the muscles when you use them

New Year Exercise Start

The year 20011 is almost at an end. If you are one of many, you will want to start 20012 with some good solid new year resolutions and that includes exercise. 

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The Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercise

Before there are any benefits from deep breathing exercises it is essential to have the correct body posture.

T’ai Chi Exercises For Mobility Disabled

The following T’ai Chi exercises may be adapted for those who lack full mobility but are able to sit and have upper body movement.

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Walk Your Way To Health

If you are serious about wanting to improve the quality of your life start a walking exercise program based on your own particular wants and abilities.

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