The speed that the body breaks down its food has a direct bearing on weight loss or gain. This speed is known as the body’s Metabolic Rate.

To put it simply the definition of metabolism is the physical and chemical changes that take place in a living body to build and maintain itself and the breaking down of the constituents of food, drink and nutrients to produce energy and other necessary body functions

As we age so our ability to maintain our metabolic rate slows and the result is a tendency to put on weight unless we take care over our diet and keep exercising regularly.

Unfortunately, our genes also play a significant part in dictating our ability to metabolize our food intake efficiently.

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Most people don’t realize that it isn’t diet or exercise that is going to help them but a combination of both.


In order for your body to burn fat you must be taking in less calories then what you expend.


Yes, for some, diet modification will help in the beginning, but in the long run it is going to require  regular exercise to continue to burn the fat and to actually build muscle tone.


Not body builder muscle tone just normal healthy muscle tone.


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Just how are you ever going to get rid of that horrid body flab?


You exercise as much as you think you should but still get left with underhanging upper arms, jelly thighs or  bulging tummy.

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If you want to live a long healthy life take heed of what your body fat says about you.  

    The composition of the human body is made up of two types of tissue.

  • Lean tissue - muscle, bone and organs that is metabolically active.
  • Fat tissue -  known as adipose tissue, which is inactive.

and it is the relationship between the two, the body fat ratio, that determines overall fitness and health.

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