How many times in your life have you put your hand up to the opposite shoulder and rubbed it in an effort to relieve the pain and aching?

There cannot be many of us who haven’t at times had such severe stress in our shoulders that all we want is a massage.

Unfortunately a massage is not the usual available option so the next best thing to do is exercise specifically targeted to ease those aching shoulders and the way is to stretch.


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Do you ever look at someone whose figure you admire and wonder why you can’t look like that?

No matter what you do, you just seem to have a body that will never look like that person. You might even have a very nice figure but it isn’t the same.

The reason is because your body type is different and it is impossible to change your bone structure.

To make the most of the body shape you have, you need to know what body type you are and which exercises will help to make your body look its best.

There are three basic body types and most of us tend to fit one type or another.

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Most women would like to have super lean thighs. However, lean thighs are not going to look the same on every woman.

Each woman has her own set of genetics that determines what her thighs will look like when they are as lean and toned as they can be.

Unfortunately, there still persists an unrealistic ideal of what super lean thighs are. 

There is also the idea that reducing body fat will give a woman lean thighs

This is not really true. Thighs of women who do not have weight issues might not appear lean, This is because the muscles of the thighs are not toned.

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Everyone has a certain type of body shape. You might be a pear shape, an hourglass shape, a ruler shape, or an apple shape.  Let’s take a quick look at what these shapes mean.


For Men:


Pear Shape – Before you accuse me of calling you a fruit, read on!  A man with this type of body shape is usually larger in the hips and thighs than in the chest and arms.  He is usually petite in the arms and chest.  A lot of men with this body type have an athletic type build.


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Incredible Legs

This incredible legs video has apparently been around for a while and new versions keep coming out, but I suppose it could make some of us feel better, or not as the case may be.


Still, if you aren't completely fed up you could try and start to get your own legs and stomach trim and in shape for the summer season.


Try these routines here 

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Some women aspire to skinny legs and others to fuller and more rounded shaped legs.


The look of the legs is dictated by the shape and size of the bum.


An ample bottom can accentuate thin thighs whereas a trim bottom and full upper legs may lead to the thunder thighs effect.


Neither of these two opposites are the desire of the vast majority of women.

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Going through the multitude of ‘on line’ discourses on the benefits or otherwise of stretching it is difficult to separate and evaluate the numerous and contrary opinions expressed.


As a result we have decided that it would be helpful to our readers to give an objective and unbiased overview of stretching as an aid to becoming and staying fit.


There is absolutely no doubt that there are simple stretching routines within comfortable tolerance that are arguably essential preparation before embarking on strenuous exercise or sport.

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Pregnancy, childbirth and being overweight can weaken the Pelvic muscles leading to unpleasant side effects, the principle problem being incontinence. Like other muscles they can be firmed up by exercise.

The pelvic floor muscle group can be strengthened and bladder control be restored by undertaking a regular exercise regime for only about 5 minutes, three times a day.

There are two pelvic muscles that do most of the work in controlling the bladder and anus.

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Strictly for Gals who want to have sexy legs

We want to keep this simple and effective

Legs start with the butt, are their many out there entirely happy with their derrieres?

Well, not me for one!!

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