Do You Know What Your Metabolic Rate Is?


The speed that the body breaks down its food has a direct bearing on weight loss or gain. This speed is known as the body’s Metabolic Rate.

To put it simply the definition of metabolism is the physical and chemical changes that take place in a living body to build and maintain itself and the breaking down of the constituents of food, drink and nutrients to produce energy and other necessary body functions

As we age so our ability to maintain our metabolic rate slows and the result is a tendency to put on weight unless we take care over our diet and keep exercising regularly.

Unfortunately, our genes also play a significant part in dictating our ability to metabolize our food intake efficiently.

In general terms, overweight people simply do not convert their intake of food as effectively as the slim even if they take similar care over their diet.

Others can eat any amount of fatty foods, ice cream, fries, etc., do little or no exercise and never seem to put on weight. It’s just that nature has endowed them with a super efficient metabolism often inherited from a parent. But as they get older many of these lucky ones will also succumb to overweight as the ageing process takes its course.

Whatever your age or weight it is not too late to make the effort to fire up your metabolic rate to take off surplus pounds and get yourself feeling better and looking trim.

The first step is to create a diet for yourself consisting of certain foods that aid the metabolic process. Details can be found on dedicated websites but to give an idea eggs, salad vegetables, whole grains and lean steak are staples, and the idea is healthy eating not a starvation diet!

To get the body speeded up excess fat must be lost and muscle tissue built up so exercise is most important. At the same time it is a must that you eat sufficiently to maintain the energy levels required for your essential exercise program.

In other words forget about crash diets or famine level meals, they can only lead to unwanted physical and health problems. The answer is what you eat - not how much you eat!

Be sure to drink plenty of water  throughout the day, at least four glasses as a minimum. As the water passes through your body it helps eliminates waste products, which in turn helps maintain a healthy efficient metabolism.

Combining a routine of exercise and a diet designed to improve your metabolism is the surest path to health, longevity and looking good that you can take – go for it!






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