Love Handles or Fatty Tissue?

Those wedges of fatty tissue that collect at the sides of the waist above the hips are popularly known as ‘love handles' and with a little imagination it is easy to see the reason.

The problem is that love handles are not an attractive feature on either women or men and, of course, perform no useful function when making love.

You know that the more you can hold them in your hands the more noticeable and unattractive your love handles are becoming.

Even if you are only just beginning to notice a small bulging above your hipbone you should take immediate action.

The longer you delay the larger and more prominent your love handles will become and the harder it will be to lose them or to disguise them.

All routines that are effective in toning and trimming the body need self-discipline to achieve and maintain a satisfactory end result.

Although this is the number one priority it does not mean a life of total dedication, nor does it mean that you should not enjoy a good life style.

All things in moderation is the pathway that will remove those dreaded love handles while at the same time making you feel healthier, more energetic and restore your figure to looking its best.

First of all you must realise that your diet will have the most effect on the overall look of your body.

This is not so much a question of quantity, although that is an important aspect, but more about the quality of what you regularly eat.

At the top of the list is to eliminate or cut back drastically your intake of saturated fats.

All processed foods such as margarine, sausages; any tinned, frozen or packaged foods will have nutritional information printed so nowadays there is no excuse for not knowing what you are eating.

If in doubt just think about saturated fats as being solid at room temperature. Butter or the fat on cold meat and bacon are examples.

Watch your intake of carbohydrates as the body can turn them into fat if not burned off by exercise.

Remember to eat your five vegetables or fruit a day as these add trace elements and vitamins essential to the body's healthy function.

The amount of food we consume daily will vary with every person.

Some will have a tendency to put on weight faster than the norm, others seem to be able to eat enormous quantities, including foods like French fries and sugary pastries and still remain wafer thin.

It all depends on each individual's rate of metabolism, most often inherited.

Only you can best figure out the quantity of food you need to keep trim, and not feel bloated after a meal.

As a very rough guide three meals a day consisting of about three portions each meal combined with some exercise should not prove excessive.

A portion to suit you is more or less the amount of food that can be held in the palm of your hand.

Drink about four or five pints (2-3 litres) of water throughout the day to flush bodily wastes and keep the skin supple and moisturised.

Once you have established a diet that suits your ambition to get rid of your love handles you can quickly move on to a simple but effective exercise regime.

Put aside 30 -40 minutes four or five times a week to get the heart pumping harder, to burn off fat and trim up the muscles around you waist.

Running, cycling, using a step machine and aerobics are some of the cardio vascular exercises that get the heart rate up.

One of the most effective specific exercise to obliterate those love handles is side crunches. Also good for getting a flat tummy.

  • Lie on the floor with your hands behind and supporting your head, elbows flat on the floor, knees together and bent.
  • Starting from the waist keep your knees together and roll them to one side so that they touch the floor at the same time lifting your head from the floor assisted by your hands.
  • Try to get your chin to touch the top of your chest or as near as you can without discomfort.

Start with 10-12 repetitions or less if this becomes uncomfortable and then change to rolling your waist and knees to the other side for the same number of reps.

You can build up the reps as it gets easier. For variety try a few regular sit up crunches. You will soon start to notice the effect on your obliques, the muscles underneath your love handles.

As they get toned up your tummy will become trimmer and the love handles will begin to disappear.

There are a number of other exercises to tone up the obliques, for example using a large exercise ball to support you as you stretch and bend sideways from the waist.
Always a good way to stay in control of your mind and body is to get a good nights sleep.

Eight to nine hours a night should come easily if you stick to your diet and exercise routine and allows your body and mind to rest and recuperate so you can face the day with renewed vitality confidence and enthusiasm.

Stick to this regime and your love handles can surely ‘Rest IN Peace'



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