Body Flab Begone

Just how are you ever going to get rid of that horrid body flab?


You exercise as much as you think you should but still get left with underhanging upper arms, jelly thighs or  bulging tummy.

Some of us actually have it all - luck or what?


Our genes are always found to be the culprit and I’m afraid that they are but, there are some ways you can find to manage these unsightly areas of your body.


Opt for the knife?


There are now so many surgical procedures for body improvement that all of the above are covered.


However, for most people surgery, for one reason or another, is not an option.


So what can you do?


First of all you must really fit in a serious exercise schedule to try and reduce overall body fat. You can download a free BMI calculator and find what your body fat should be for your weight and height and age.


Underarm Fat


If you want to reduce underarm fat the best method is to undertake a weight training regime.


Contrary to popular opinion, working out with weights does not build huge muscles unless you are specifically trying to gain weight and muscle.


Exercises such as curls and tricep kickbacks are the best for toning this area.

Some good toning exercises can be found here


Flabby thighs


Again a difficult area but not impossible.


The leg muscles are one of the biggest in the body and take a lot of strain.


Ideally you should commit to aerobic sessions to reduce overall weight in this area and if you go to the gym you should concentrate on


  1. The leg press which will firm your gluts (butt)
  2. The abductor, which will work your inner and outer thighs


Check with the trainer on how many reps you should do. He should be able to plan a routine for you at no extra charge.


At home you can concentrate on body lunges using light hand held weights and squats


Bulging, flabby, loose tummy


Again an aerobic program with specifically targeted weight training exercises


In the gym focus on the machines for tummy muscles (abs) or splash out and buy one of the many home abdominal products.


Tips on  how to get a flat tummy


  1. Pull your tummy in tight during the day
  2. Sit and stand tall,
  3. Don’t slouch, letting those muscles relax and become floppy.


Professional techniques


  1. Alexander Technique
  2. The Pilates System









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