Exercise Your Way To A Body Oozing Sex Appeal

They say that sex appeal is in the mind.

Oh Yeah! Give me another drink.

In my opinion, it’s the body that contributes most to sex appeal. Hmmm!!!

Oh dear, I hope I haven’t offended anyone, but at the end of the day we are, most of us, interested in attracting a partner.

When you are young, if you are lucky and you have generous genes, you should have a firm young body ready for the taking or giving.

However, as we age, gravity tends to set in and take its toll even as young as thirty. If any of you young things think this doesn’t apply to them believe me it will sooner or later. If you think that’s wrong you can always click away from this site.

So, what are you going to do about it, if in fact, there’s anything you can do.

First of all, you are going to take a very long look in the mirror while standing completely naked.

Oh yes you are.

Then you are going to take stock.

Which areas do you most want to change?

For the ladies

Start from the top and work your way down (remember you are alone).

  • Face – Eye makeup works wonders if you do it right.
  • Bone Structure – Not a lot you can do about this unless you resort to the plastic (or even drastic) surgery that you see mentioned in the press sometimes.
  • Skin Tone – There are a myriad of ways to improve your skin. If you suffer from skin problems you could find the solution in the pages of fashion magazines where the latest skin products are featured. Or you could try visiting   The Skin Store, Natural Skin Care Products If you have a more serious complaint, which lets face it many of us do at one time or other in our lives, go see a dermatologist and get professional advice.
  • Boobs – When you are young these will be pert and upright. After having children or even as age creeps up on you, they will start to droop a little and gradually sag more and more as you get older.This is where that old faithful, exercise, can help. The alternative is to have them surgically lifted. Apparently it works a treat.(not that I would know!)
  • Tummy – Again a problem area in later years. There are many exercises to help in this area. —-
  • Bum – Oh no! A real problem area for many women. This is not funny, women were built to have children and naturally their hips are larger as a result. But they don’t like it.Why are there some women who have loads of kids but still retain their sylph like hips? (but their tummies are usually quite big- ha ha) Anyway, back to the bottom line – there are masses of things you can do to improve your backside. Anywhere you go keep squeezing your butt muscles. The more you do the tighter they will become.Cut down on the calories to reduce that huge backside.
  • Legs – For long sleek legs you should not only exercise but you should get them looking good with immaculate grooming. Remember your legs are more on show in the summer months and need some extra TLC (i.e. exfoliating, waxing, fake tanning) Exercises specifically for legs can be found here.

Take up walking seriously. This will create the necessary tension in your muscles which in turn will help get rid of the fat build up, tone the muscles and get you on the way to becoming sleeker and trimmer.

Walk uphill, walk downhill, both will help.

For Men Only

The majority of men who go to the gym go to build muscle.

It’s no secret that lifting weights can dramatically increase the size and muscle tone of the shoulders, chest, arms and legs.

Men are actually quite lucky in the way fat is distributed around their bodies. Wide shoulders and narrow hips are the norm.

But – What about that revolting stomach – a beer gut is such a turn off for women but a lot of them actually flaunt it.

Stop drinking beer

Start to realize that you cannot get away with looking like a slob. You expect your woman to look good, so why not you?

Take stock now before you get to the age that you don’t care.

Take up bodybuilding at the local gym – If you want to look good, stay trim and appeal to the ladies then working out is the number one priority.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and gals, look good, get fit, be sexy!!.



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Rusty Moore said:

I had to comment on this post! Thanks for having the guts to say that the body is what contributes most to sex appeal..also, nice picture of the nude sunbather…"need help with the sunscreen?"…LOL!

Also…good call on telling the guys that they need to look good if they expect their women to look good. A man should never look pregnant!

But…you gotta ease up on us beer drinkers! I need to start a "Fit Beer Drinkers Society"…it is possible to enjoy beer while looking good.

Maybe…we should send guys the message that they need to quit drinking beer until they have a flat stomach…then they are allowed a few every now and then.

Jaks said:

Its weird though, isn't it, that most men as they age, walk around with this huge gut in front of them and yet they constantly criticize women for their looks, bodies etc

Somnilocus said:

Agree with Jaks. It's funny that in most shows, hot young women get stuck with stupid fat slobs and seem content with it yet, more is always expected of women. Look at the difference in the "to-do" list for this article for women, then the one for men. You know what, they make makeup for men too, and if it's expected of women, then men, grab your compact. I mean, why is skin care only on the ladies' list, LOL?

Anyway, when you fall in love, the idea of sex appeal seems to change. It's interesting that the person you fall in love with becomes the most beautiful, sexy person in the world to you, and only becomes more so as you grow to love them more. Fact is, different people have different ideals and different (VERY DIFFERENT) things turn people on. I, for one, as a woman, find muscles revolting… those throbbing veins and abs you can bounce a quarter off of–yeah, it grosses me out. I don't mind the old beer belly. There, I said it.

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