Can You Expose Your Body?

I don’t think I’ve met many people who wouldn’t want a body like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.

However, people like this are generally born with good genes, which gives them their spectacular bodies.

Because they are in the public eye they are also going to make the most of what they have and they do this by going to the gym and working their butts off and by eating a sensible diet.

It seems to almost be the norm for celebrities today to strip off and flaunt their bodies in the media.

Have you ever wished you could do the same but you know that if you took your clothes off most people would run a mile?

And why not, if you stand naked in front of your mirror and only see this

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Sagging boobs (men and women alike)
  • Folds of unsightly fat around the middle
  • Dimply low hanging backside
  • Fat wobbly thighs

Well you and only you hold the answer to these problems. Think about your body more and treat it well

You simply must start to tone your muscles by doing the correct exercises.

You must take care to watch what you eat.

Stand tall and stop hiding beneath all those clothes. Imagine when you walk down the street that you are naked and there’s nowhere to hide. What’s the first thing you should do?

  • Yes, stand tall and upright. This will immediately create a longer leaner body.
  • Secondly, hold your stomach in and stride out with confidence.

Ok, this is unlikely to happen, but what you can do is to imagine it happening and you will start to become more aware of your body and hopefully take control.

It’s so so easy to let yourself go, easy to eat that extra cake, easy to slouch with our shoulders rounded, easy to watch the telly instead of going for a walk.

Get a grip and begin a new regime. There are few excuses to be made.You can find out which exercises to do just by surfing the net or just looking around this site.

Never forget the old adage A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips

Stop eating all that garbage. Think of your body, imagine it getting more toned, less flabby, healthier and basically more attractive.



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Dream Body Now said (trackback):

Would you dare look in the mirror naked?…

If you are like most people you would love to look so good that you coud give Angelina Jolie or Jay-Lo a run for her money well if you dare look at yourself in the mirror naked chances are you could..
This probably means you were blessed with the right…

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