Slow Down Aging With Gymnastics For Geriatrics

Unless you take urgent action, your quality of life will deteriorate rapidly as you approach your sixties.

Keep fit routines have been shown to slow down the effects of aging and to promote health and independence as we advance into our senior years.

Gymnastics for geriatrics is an alternative to golf and taking the dog for walks, those familiar ‘stand bys’ that crop up when elders are trying to persuade their loved ones that they are paying attention to their health.

More like paying lip service to avoid the consequences of their lack of focus on their fitness levels.

Of course there are many who continue to resist the lure of a golf buggy when they play their weekly round of golf so that they can persuade themselves that their 3-4 mile amble round the course with frequent stops is doing them the world of good.

Others also live in the land of make believe that they are keeping fit by walking the dog and throwing the occasional stick.

Forget all that, Fido can look after himself a lot better if his owner can run, and sometimes sprint, with him for a few daily miles! Lets face it golf and walking the dog for some of us can be a non-starter.

Whether it is because we find golf frustrating and give it up because we seem unable to hit the ball with anything but a disastrous, and sometimes embarrassing, effect or simply find the game as boring as going for the same old walk every week end.

So what are the alternatives?

If you are fortunate enough to have a reasonable eye and reflexes, playing doubles tennis a couple of times a week against opponents who of a similar standard is a great keep fit and very enjoyable activity but it should be supplemented with other, less competitive, even solo, regimes.

We know of eighty plus year old tennis players who will have slowed down in both their physical and reflex reactions but can still give their twenty year younger opponents a good game and often beat them by using their guile and experience.

A word of warning, doubles tennis at local club level gives players plenty of time to think, it need not be the fast game as seen on the professional circuit. Do not be tempted to take up Squash or Racquets or similar.

Even if you have played in your youth these are ball games that trigger near instant reactions and that can result in heart attacks even amongst the fittest, so stay clear.

It is likely that tennis will not appeal to the majority of elders for a multitude of reasons so what should the oldies do?



How to Exercise at Home

The first thing to understand is that your comfortable home is also a well equipped gym ideal for performing a physical fitness regime with exercises that can help you stay healthy and independent, and slow down the signs of aging, both physically and visually.

An added bonus in these “credit crunch ” times is that it comes at no extra cost other than the will and desire to stay as young and as active as possible.

Keep that body moving with these exercises which use your household furniture as a free alternative to a costly gym and still get good results.

Stay young, keep fit and keep ‘Old Father Time’ waiting as long as possible.



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