Who Doesn't Want To Be Forever Young?

The aim and desire of HOTEXERCISE.COM is to help you discover how to increase your fitness and, as a result, live a healthier, fuller life.

It has been proved by studies involving 17,000 men, that those who burned 500 - 1,000 calories per week on regular physical exercise had a 22% lower risk of death from all causes, whilst those who burned 2,500 calories per week added 1-2 years on to their life expectancy.

Learn how to optimize your life with these fitness tips and tricks.

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JR said:

Great write-up! It's so true that exercise is so important. And even if a person isn't the athlete type or into major body-building or anything, just some walking and other simple means of exercise can make such a huge difference! Exercise: just love it, right! ; )

liowkc said:

To keep young, besides exercising regularly to keep physcially fit, we must also strive to be mentally agile and use our gray cells more often. The adage - if you don't use it, you lose it applies to both physical and mental faculties. Remember to be young, eat moderately and exercise (both mentally and physically) regularly.

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