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Experience a New Level of Interest and Intensity with Winsor Pilates Mat


Winsor Pilates is a very popular fitness program that almost every magazine, talk shows and fitness club feature every aspects of it.  It is so popular right now that even most of the people do it at most health clubs and yoga studios, and even to a large number of private studios.   However, the fact can’t be denied that there are still people who do not know what a Winsor Pilates is.  So what it is?


Winsor Pilates is a new trend to Pilates exercises developed by Mari Winsor.  At the most fundamental level, Winsor Pilates is a series of very specific exercises performed on a Winsor Pilates mat or on other specialized Pilates equipment such Pilates ball, chair, etc.


 Since the main purpose of this article is to present information about the Winsor Pilates mat, so I will proceed with the discussion on Winsor Pilates mat particularly.


It is not surprising that there are a large number of Pilates exercises on the Winsor Pilates mat that is identified as the Pilates repertoire.  As such, the Winsor Pilates mat is one of the specialized Pilates equipment that leaves a great importance for any Pilates workout.  The exercises done on Winsor Pilates mat, just like a typical Winsor Pilates performed in any other equipment is noted to have specific sequence, breath, and flow.  All of those Winsor Pilates mat exercises have at their heart and mind the mission of developing deep, ossifying core strength in the abdominals and the low back.  It is common in Winsor Pilates mat work that the idea of deep concentration and awareness is a very vital element.  Breathing as well is essential for every Winsor Pilates mat exercise because it harmonize the mind and body, and it is the key by which the inside strength is discovered, improved and maintained. 


As it is often considered, a good Winsor Pilates mat needs to protect the user from hard floors and contribute comfort during the Winsor Pilates mat work.  The Winsor Pilates mat should also be firm enough to provide a staunch platform under foot.  But I am sure that these important hints is present in Winsor Pilates mat because according to some research, the Winsor Pilates mat plays a major part in Winsor Pilates because the quality of the Winsor Pilates mat, that is cushioned, non-slip Winsor Pilates mat surface provides a cherished and cozy area in which to perform and practice any pose.


 In addition, the Winsor Pilates mat is durable, lightweight and washable and as such the Winsor Pilates mat can be rolled easily for travel.  With Winsor Pilates mat, I assure you that you will experience a new level of intensity and interest to the Pilates, but if you have the opportunity to explore some Winsor Pilates equipment with the guidance of a trained professional, why not? You can do so!



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