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Winsor Pilates Basic Principles

If you are looking for some fitness program that will help you flatten your abs, shape and sculpt your body slim from top to bottom, Winsor Pilates basic principles to body conditioning can answer for you. 


Before anything else, I would like to state that the Pilates fitness program is first developed by Joseph Pilates who had a lifetime interest in body conditioning in 1920s.  His interest in physical fitness rooted from his strong determination to strengthen his body and improve his health after a sickly childhood.  From that, Joseph formulated a distinct sequence of movements that worked the mind and muscle in harmony.


Oops, enough for history.  Now, let’s go to the core message of this article – Winsor Pilates basic principles.  Winsor Pilates program focuses mainly on bodyweight which incude exercises which stretch, strengthen , and tone all the muscles of the body, especially those of the core or abdominal and lower back regions.  As such, the Winsor Pilates provide Winsor Pilates basic principles for those who are interested in such area.  Among those Winsor Pilates basic principles are: Concentration; Control or Precision; Centering; Stabilizing; Breathing; Alignment; Fluidity; and Integration.  Each Winsor Pilates basic principle has its own essential characteristic. 


Concentration, as the first Winsor Pilates basic principle, is very important to attain a successful workout.  With this Winsor Pilates basic principle, the awareness of the body will be enhanced due to the mind-body connection which results to conscious control of movement.  The second Winsor Pilates basic principle, Control or precision, is not about intensity or multiple “reps” but it is more of descent form of snug, emphatic results.  Centering, as the third Winsor Pilates basic principle, functions mentally within the body to calm the spirit.  In this Winsor Pilates basic canon, a focus on the torso – abs, pelvic girdle, lower back, gluts – results to the improvement in a strong core and enables the rest of the body to function properly.  All action with this Winsor Pilates basic principle performs from the trunk and flows outwards to the extremities.  The fourth Winsor Pilates basic convention – Stabilizing – is important because in Winsor Pilates, before you move you have to be still for a safe starting place for kinesics.  Breathing on the other hand, as the fifth Winsor Pilates basic principle, must range from deep, coordinated, conscious diaphragmatic procedures of inhales and exhales to initiate mobility and help in the activation of the muscles and to keep you focused.  Furthermore, the sixth Winsor Pilates basic canon which is alignment is very essential because it is the key to good posture.  With such Winsor Pilates basic principle, you will be conscious of the position of your neck on the spine and pelvis, right down through the legs and toes.  In the seventh Winsor Pilates principle – Fluidity – a smooth, continuous motion rather than jazzy repetitions will create an elegant and graceful look.  Lastly, the integration of all those Winsor Pilates basic principles will result to a holistic mind-body workout.


So with those above stated Winsor Pilates basic principles, I am sure that everyone will enjoy their adventure to a stronger and healthier looks.



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