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The Power of Pilates




The Pilates system of combining strength training, body toning, stamina building,  dance, yoga and posture improvement has become one of the most flexible and widely used health and fitness routines available.


Since Joseph Pilates developed the system, specialist fitness centres, coaches and teachers have become available throughout the United States and the developed world. The system caters for all adult age groups, whether it using workouts that tones muscles, body toning exercises to enhance that glamorous look, or training schedules that can correct the bad posture that leads to spinal and other related problems. Pilates will improve your body shape and definition.


Irrespective of age and physical disabilities the practise of the appropriate Pilates exercise schedule can be life enhancing to those that are prepared to take the trouble to explore the variety of benefits and routines that are offered by the system and then act upon the most suitable for their circumstances. These can vary between as little as fifteen minutes a day, perhaps to alleviate a painful back condition to a full scale regime to improve and enhance a sporting aspiration.


Pilates is not only a physical improvement system but also has an important psychological input. Joseph Pilates believed that an individual’s mental attitude to the fitness and development of the physical body was as important as the exercises and training to which it was subject. In other words having the right mental attitude to whatever you want to achieve with your body. Mind over matter. Think young and beautiful.


There are a number of inexpensive devices that will help with the Pilates experience but essentially the Pilates system is a ‘hands on’  opportunity to improve those areas of the body that only you feel has the need to benefit.


Explore the Pilates system, remember it has worked for countless others, if you have the dedication it will work for you, whatever your physical aspirations are there is a Pilate´s system that could benefit you.




  • Posture improvement
  • Alleviate back pain
  • Tone your body
  • Enhance your energy
  • Be fit and healthier
  • Get the body you've always wanted
  • Look younger

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