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Body Temperature Rhythm & Exercise


The fastest way to increase the quality of sleep is to get into a exercise regimen, if you already do not do so. Exercise helps the quality of sleep in numerous ways, not to mention the other health benefits it has on your body.


·             Regular Exercise increases your body temperature rhythm, and makes your body peak at a higher level. The result is that you will have a better energy level throughout the day feeling more motivated, alive and positive.


·             Since your body peaks at a higher level, the body temperature will also drop faster and deeper, thus facilitating deep and uninterrupted sleep.


·             Flat lining of your body temperature rhythm is prevented by daily exercise, helping you to sleep easier on stressful days and even on days when do not exercise..


·             Regular exercise delays the evening temperature drop allowing you to stay awake and alert for a longer time.


·             Exercise also relieves stress, a major cause of sleeping disorders.


If exercise not already a part of your daily regimen, it’s not too late to start now. The best and the right time to exercise is early in the morning as it will facilitate a quick temperature rise. Avoid exercising 3-4 hours before your sleeping time, because by that time your body temperature will still be on the rising trend, rendering the process of falling asleep more difficult.


Exercise need not be really strenuous. When I say begin exercise, I do not mean that you should go join a gym or embark upon a full time workout program. Moderate exercise has most beneficial effects on the body and you can begin your own workout program from home. If you are not in favor of monotonous exercise, you can choose an equally demanding physical activity like aerobics, cycling, swimming, walking or alike. These will have the same effect on raising body temperature.


The final point is: What's the objective rejuvenating your body, and improving the quality of your sleep when you are not going to USE YOUR BODY?

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