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The Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout Video set will get you on the road to good health and fitness. This professional-grade Magic Circle can be used alone as demonstrated in the accompanying video, or added to your Pilates reformer workout. This Magic Circle features form-molded grips to... Read more

The SPRI PRX-R Pumping Rubber Workout Kit provides you with a convenient time-efficient workout program designed to strengthen, sculpt, and tone all the major muscles of the body for all levels of experience. The durable Xertubes with three different resistance levels and the door attachment allow... Read more

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Richard Simmons is the king of motivational exercise, especially if you're a beginner. This video workout is a dance party simulating a class reunion, with an energizing live band playing lively hits from the '50s and '60s, such as "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To," "Great Balls of Fire,"... Read more

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Tae-Bo Workout - Instructional and Basic

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Billed as the "future of fitness" and hawked by numerous celebrities, Billy Blanks's Tae-Bo actually deserves much of the hype it's receiving. A mixture of boxing punches and martial arts kicks, Tae-Bo is fun and easy. One of the best elements of this two-tape set is that the first tape (which is 40... Read more

The Firm

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Interval workouts incorporate a variety of activities that are powerful and short in duration. These intervals create an anaerobic workout that forces the body to adjust to variations of intensity and motion. Interval training has the real potential to burn fat and build strength. The Firm: Body... Read more

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