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Comprehensive Information and Analysis on China Healthcare Market


 Health foods are also called functional foods, nutraceuticals or nutritional /diet supplements. In China, the title of health foods refers to those products manufactured with herbs or botanical extracts, vitamins or minerals etc. Based on the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, such foods have the following functions: - to maintain and improve health, help prevent disease, assist in treating disease, and to facilitate rehabilitation. With the influence of traditional Chinese medicine, the Chinese health foods’ market has been developing into one of the biggest markets in the world with the related ‘golden opportunities’.

KWA delivers customer-prepared solutions to a wide range of health food companies. These companies span from start-up ventures to established multinational corporations from all around the world. Our health foods’ product services include market research, SFDA compliance, and agent / distributor searches in the Chinese health food industry sector.

Market Research - KWA provides ‘health foods in China’ market research report, which ensure KWA’s clients are up-to-date with comprehensive cutting-edge information on the chinese health foods’ market. In addition, KWA also offers customised market research programmes, providing each client with current and individualised information on the Chinese health foods’ market.

Health Food SFDA Compliance - Every health food product is required to have the approval of SFDA before commercialisation is permitted in China. The complicated and non-transparent regulatory environment of China has caused unnecessary reluctance to launch health foods’ products by many overseas companies. With KWA’s many years of extensive regulatory experience and profound understanding of the Chinese regulatory environment, KWA helps and guides overseas health foods’ companies to develop and implement cost-effective strategies and programmes to meet the regulatory requirements of SFDA.

Agent/Distributor Search - In China, agents or distributors handle the sales of most health food products. The distribution system is seemingly complex for overseas companies to comprehend. With KWA’s years of in-depth experience and background in the health foods’ industry, KWA has built an established network of contacts with most businesses at all levels in the Chinese health foods’ industry. KWA employs the full advantage of this contacts’ network to the best advantage of its clients to help overseas health foods’ companies search for the best potential agents, distributors or strategic partners. KWA has and continues to be dedicated to the mutual development between overseas health foods’ companies and the Chinese domestic health foods’ industry.




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