Exercise During Pregnancy To Keep In Tip Top Shape

We all know that there are numerous benefits to exercising. Every person should be exercising for at least thirty minutes a day.

What about the pregnant woman?  Should she exercise? The general answer to that question is yes. There are too many benefits to exercising during your pregnancy not to do it.

Naturally there are guidelines and recommendations to follow. It is strongly advised that you routinely discuss your exercise regimen with your doctor through out the pregnancy.

If you are a woman who has been exercising daily prior to becoming pregnant, then you should be able to continue that routine, with modifications  of course, throughout the entire pregnancy.

Perhaps you would like to start exercising now that you are pregnant. Start slow and try not to over exert yourself. It is more important now than ever before in your life that you listen to your body. Your body will naturally tell you when you are dong too much.

When you are looking at what type of exercise to do while pregnant, you need to consider three things.

  • What your doctor says
  • What you like
  • Where you are in your pregnancy

For example, many women experience episodes of dizziness during the first trimester, so walking, especially alone, could be a hazard. Like wise in the last trimester, our center of gravity tends to be thrown off, again making walking somewhat burdensome.

The second and third trimesters mean that you need to avoid exercises that involve you lying on your back because this decreases blood to the womb.

You may want to consider activities such as swimming, water aerobics, yoga or pilates.

The goal of exercising now is to try to get a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises, but avoiding any bouncing.

Your body is changing with your pregnancy, and these are changes you need to be aware of during your exercise because it affects you and your baby.

There are concerns to address with the effects of exercise on our changing bodies during pregnancy.

The greatest concern being that our joint laxity increases which can lead to sprains and strains.

Another concern being our core body temperature which is already increased during pregnancy, raising it to high during exercise may lead to birth defects in the fetus. This is why, when pregnant, you are urged to avoid hot tubs.

There does not seem to be a concern that is validated with scientific evidence over whether and increase in heart rate of the mom has any adverse effects on the fetus.

Remember that both pregnancy and exercise consume fluid and calories. Make sure that you are eating properly to suffice the demands of each. You want a healthy baby, so make sure you are getting enough nutrients to supply to that baby.

There are women who should not exercise during pregnancy due to certain diagnosis.

These include:

•           Hypertension – pregnancy induced or pre-existing

•           Preterm rupture of membranes

•           Incompetent cervix

•           Persistent second or third trimester bleeding

•           Intrauterine growth retardation

•           Thyroid function abnormality

•           Cardiac, pulmonary or vascular disease

Exercise during pregnancy is a wonderful benefit to mom and baby. It is incredibly important that you discuss your exercise plan with your doctor and that you listen to your body so that you and baby stay healthy.



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Gregg said:

Great article. Exercising during pregnancy is very beneficial for women. Unfortunately, not a lot of women know that and some even think it's a bad idea. It's good to see you are spreading the word about its importance. Nice job.

Jaks said:

Thanks Gregg

Unfortunately, some women seem to think that their life comes to a standstill as regards diet and exercise during pregnancy, ie., the eating for two brigade.

However, at this time it seems to be celebrity fashion to be pregnant so maybe this will influence some mums to be and encourage them to keep in shape.

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