Give the Love of Your Life Something to Look Forward To This Party Season

Your man will want you to look your best during the next few weeks as entertaining, being entertained, and seeing old and new faces reaches its peak by New Years Day.

Men love to think that other men are envious of their woman. It’s a power thing like having more dough, a bigger house, a better car.

You name it, most men want to appear to have more than their peers. And this is where the good old hormones kick in, if you keep his bouncing he’ll be a happy man.

So think about giving him a new improved, sexier, alluring, mysterious, mesmerizing you as his best ever present this Xmas.

Trim up that Body

Its hard work but is worth it. Lose a few pounds and you will see the benefit in a more accentuated waist, less obvious cellulite and a firmer derriere.

Exercise improves the blood circulation which leads to better looking ankles and legs, gets rid of that bloated feeling and helps the body rid itself of water retention

It is never too soon to start and even a short burst for two weeks can work wonders on your figure.

Exercise routines designed to flatten the tummy, firm the pectorals that uplift the bust, tighten the bum and contour the legs can be sensibly carried out all through the party season and hopefully the improvement you see and the added appreciation you get from your man will encourage you to carry on trimming your body for years to come.


We are only human after all and all those tasty foods, sumptuous wines and amazing cocktails are going to be hard to resist – and why should you? Its party time so enjoy yourself, if you don’t then he will notice and maybe think it is his fault and that will slow down the hormone effect.

This is where our feminine guile and our strong will power come into play.

  • 'All things in moderation' as the saying goes, never say ´no´ to an offer to refill your glass, just remark that you have not finished yet and may go on to something else.
  • Stay well away from the trays with party nibbles and if passed round just take one and hold it for a while.

It is surprising how soon the best of hosts get tired of walking round with trays of goodies so be patient and the temptations will go away without you appearing to be a party pooper.

Between all those socially active occasions just eat sensibly so all your good work getting your body trim is not undone.

Follow this routine and you will find that the fitter you feel the more you will enjoy the festive season.

Staying up later, dancing longer and not over indulging will get your man to really appreciate the gem he has.

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